Business Insurance For Carpenter

Business Insurance For Carpenter

Need business insurance? Compare quotes from NZ insurers, then buy online in minutes.

Do I need Business Insurance

... Business Insurance can protect different types of businesses and their areas of risk. Why do Tradesmen need Business Insurance ... Just a question I am a Event production company but the only section was Event Management on ...

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How To Start Your Own Trade Business in NZ

... can be done at the same time you register your company. If you are a sole trader or partnership, you can ... handyman, carpenter—insurance is one way to help protect your business and bank accounts. Starting a Trade Business ...

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Business Insurance FAQs

... Business Insurance FAQs Business Insurance FAQs Got questions about Business Insurance? We've got the answers! Check out our library of FAQ's designed to make insurance easy to understand. Maybe you're a crafty carpenter ...

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Insurance for Carpenters

... the unique demands of your carpentry business. Carpenters might consider including these coverages in their Business Insurance package: Portable Equipment Insurance* What's a carpenter without their tools? If your tools ...

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Tradie Guide to Professional Indemnity Insurance

... will lodge a Professional Indemnity claim against your business for financial losses suffered. Why Professional Indemnity Insurance matters for tradies If you’re an electrician, a carpenter, a plumber, a mechanic, or any ...

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Insurance for Psychologists

... you set things right. Portable Equipment Insurance* What's a carpenter without their tools? If your tools ... out how to get in touch with one of our business insurance professionals. You can also access quick links to our ...

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16 Tools Every Carpenter Needs!

... to consider one tool that's specially designed to do the job: carpenter insurance! Insurance for carpenters helps protect your small business from common risks, like accidentally damaging a customer's property or having ...

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Tradies Guide to Business Insurance Packages

... Insurance ) Business Insurance Business Insurance, often referred to as a 'Business Insurance Pack', provides trade business ... types of trade insurance. Whether you are a sparky, a plumber, a landscaper, a handyman, or any ...

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How much does Public Liability Insurance cost?

... company has received for each specified occupation. Below is the full breakdown. *Data based on New Zealand BizCover customers How much do Tradesmen pay for Public Liability Insurance ... our business insurance professionals. ...

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Tradie Guide to Public Liability Insurance

... for tradies in New Zealand, choosing to reduce your risk via business insurance may make good business sense if you intend to operate your trade company for the long-term. Mistakes can happen, but Public Liability ...

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How to Hire an Apprentice for Carpenters

... the carpentry trade alive in New Zealand while giving your business more manpower to grow and thrive. Looking for carpenter insurance to protect your small business and employees? BizCover makes it easy to compare and ...

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What is Public Liability Insurance?

... the protections that Public Liability insurance can provide. These include: Tradesmen and Contractors - Such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters and woodworkers, general handymen, and painters. These professions often ...

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Insurance for Handyman

... Business Insurance package: Protect your business today. Portable Equipment Insurance The success of your handyman business ... waiting for other insurance companies to contact us all day. Allan N. Handyman excluding gas, ...

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Insurance by Industry

... Real Estate Agents Recruitment Consultants Retailer Shop Owners Tradesmen Travel Agents and Tour Operators Yoga Teachers Protect your business today. * * As with any insurance, cover will be subject to the terms ...

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How to Start a Sole Trader Business

... ones include: Tradies- painters, plumbers, carpenters, etc Professional contractors- people who may ... to confirm. These are some of the types of business insurance coverages that are available, but you don't necessarily ...

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Insurance for Real Estate Agents

... easy process Murray S. Handyman excluding gas, plumbing and electrical works Need Help? Visit our Contact Us page, where you can find out how to get in touch with one of our business insurance professionals. You can also ...

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Do Hypnotherapists need Business Insurance?

... phone, or Property (Contents) for furniture, fixtures, and similar items in your office. Insurance for Hypnotherapists Business insurance could give you greater confidence and peace of mind as you treat your patients. If ...

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What is Business Insurance

GET BUSINESS INSURANCE What Is Business Insurance? What Is Business Insurance? What is Business Insurance? Business Insurance is an insurance package designed to provide cover for your business contents, stock, tools and ...

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What does business insurance cover

... a chat to our friendly team to get a quote. Get more information Find out more about all thing business and insurance with our blog. These are some articles that may help provide some tips and tricks when it comes to ...

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Business Insurance

... action taken against you or your company. Business Interruption* Business Interruption cover protects you from ... how to get in touch with one of our business insurance professionals. You can also access quick links to our ...

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Why You Should Review Your Business Insurance

... marketing campaigns and accounting just to name a few. But one thing which shouldn't be forgotten is reviewing your business insurance. It's often one of those set and forget things that we just do, but in the event that ...

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Complete Guide to Business Insurance

... is different, with their own unique factors and risk. There isn't a one-size fits all type of business insurance coverage, but there are a few things that you can keep in mind when trying to work out your coverage ...

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Business Insurance Health Check Part 2

... . In part two of our series, we look at how you can ask a few questions and give your policies a business insurance health check. Catch part one of our two-part series here to get all the tips and hints from part of our ...

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What Is Inside A Business Insurance Pack?

... ) • Legal costs from any ensuing civil action taken against you or your company Business Interruption insurance: Business interruption insurance provides cover for the loss of income and increased costs of operating your ...

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How Are Business Insurance Premiums Calculated?

... lend a helping hand when it comes to getting your business insurance arranged. Whether you are renewing your small business insurance or buying your first business insurance policy, we are there each step along the way ...

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Managing Your Business Insurance During Inflation

... comes to the impact of inflation, and in our quick guide we take a look at how inflation influences business insurance and some tips of managing your policies. Inflation in flash The Reserve Bank of New Zealand describes ...

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Saving Hacks- Business Insurance For Tradies

... save a spare dollar here and there? Well, you're not alone. and when it comes to getting your business insurance sorted for your tradie business, we hear you. Whether you're flying solo as a sole trader or run a team of ...

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Tips for How to Start a Carpentry Business

... be important to you. Skilled tradesmen often consider business insurance as a way to help shield themselves from expensive claims and lawsuits. There are many carpenter insurance policies available that cover different ...

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EOFY Tips For Carpenters!

... have still fit your business needs. Different amounts and types of insurance might be necessary to fully protect your small business. As your business grows and changes, your carpenter insurance coverage may need to ...

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Customer Spotlight: Three Sisters Brewery

... share: “The highs will be higher and the lows will be lower, but hopefully you'll make a living doing something you are passionate about.” Get your business insurance today! Like them on Facebook Follow them on Instagram

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Our Holiday Hours 2022

... year of supporting small business owners in New Zealand with their business insurance needs! We are grateful for your support. Thank you for choosing BizCover to be a part of your small business journey in 2022. Whilst ...

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Take Back Your Time With These Apps

... run . At BizCover, we're big believer in saving time and that's why we offer a hassle-free business insurance experience. Jump online or give us a call to receive multiple quotes in minutes from some of New Zealand’s ...

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Diwali Customer Spotlight - Kavita's Kitchen NZ

... be stocked at the prestigious, artisan store, Moore Wilsons, in Wellington. Have you got business insurance to start your own business? “They believed in me and found my products to be delicious! The owner, David ...

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Conquering Stress and a Heavy Workload

... time management and by drawing on a range of stress-busting techniques, you can conquer stress, avoid overwork, and become even more effective and productive for your team. Protect your business with business insurance !

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Customer Spotlight: The Goat Farm

... might be looking to start their own business: “There's never been a better time. Client companies - even big ones - are more ... 't be a dick.” Get protected with business insurance . Visit their Website Like them on Facebook

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Easter Competition Terms and Conditions

... their immediate family) of the Promoter, related companies of the Promoter or agencies associated with this ... out how to get in touch with one of our business insurance professionals. You can also access quick links to our ...

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Referral Partners NZ

... This was soooo easy to sign up to, all other companies were asking me to fill out a million forms which was ... out how to get in touch with one of our business insurance professionals. You can also access quick links to our ...

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6 ways your business can go paperless

... and suppliers in the loop by communicating any changes that may impact the way you do business with them. Have you looked into paperless insurance? Get quick online business insurance quotes sent straight to your inbox.

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How to Market your Business

... be helpful to you as you search for ways to market your business in challenging times. Alongside an effective marketing strategy, having robust business insurance coverages in place will give you the peace of mind if an ...

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... Scholarship $3000 Scholarship Prize About BizCover Since 2008, BizCover has been proud to be the first online business insurance comparison sites in Australia and New Zealand - and arguably in the world. We have gone to ...

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A Tradies Guide To Protecting Tools

... for care and cleaning. For some tradies like carpenters for example, heavily rely on electric tools and saws ... helping to protect your tools is to get your business insurance * sorted. While you may be familiar with ...

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5 Tips to Avoid Tradie Tool Theft

... need to be a hassle. At BizCover we provide effortless quotes without the boring bits, jargon and paperwork. Just business insurance made easy. You can visit us online , or if chatting to a human is more your style give ...

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6 Apps To Help Boost Small Business Productivity

... an app, at BizCover we know how pressed for time you may be as a small business owner and want to make arranging your business insurance* as drama-free as possible. Let us do the shopping around for you, providing quotes ...

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Reviews related to Business Insurance For Carpenter

  • The representative said that he wasn't sure if the situation I described was included in the insurance I selected and he would need to check with the under writer and call me back. I thought "yeah right" but he did call back very quickly and then my cover

    Quentin Duff
    Trades & Services

  • excellent and quick

    Trades & Services

  • Awesome very easy to use and not complicated to use

    Ross and Jenny Fletcher
    Trades & Services

  • quick and easy.

    George Curach
    Trades & Services

  • A real person promptly answered my phone call - no redirection / no music while holding!! Quick and efficient answers to my questions.

    Astrid Herbert
    Trades & Services

  • Follow up was not what I required. To long to get feedback on queries.

    Trades & Services

  • Very quick polite and easy to deal with. Happy with service provided

    gary smith
    Trades & Services

  • It was grate and on timings,fast,good customer services.

    David Tabar
    Trades & Services

  • Awesome experience. Talking to a real person that had a pleasant persona. Was just so easy and I think it was Aaron?? was great to deal with. Gave us some discount as we are recognised as an existing client which is always a good feel thing and also that

    Pete Halligan
    Trades & Services

  • Excellent online service, frequent reminders of the expiry date, and a reasonable cost for the protection.

    David Crockett
    Trades & Services

  • I was impressed with the quick service and how able they could ask my questions

    Tony Bailey
    Trades & Services

  • Easy very grateful thankyou

    Chas Pourau
    Trades & Services

  • Prompt response to my initial enquiry and subsequent questions about the policy.

    Carol Freebairn
    Trades & Services

  • have referred a work mate to BizCover, overall happy

    Doug Fowler
    Trades & Services

  • Would recommend to anyone ...cheers

    Mike Liuaga
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  • I found very efficant no hassle with doing quote or buying the cover

    Desmond Procter
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  • Very pleased with the helpful service

    Richard Evans
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  • Quick to send through a quote. Had difficulty getting answers to questions because my contact person was away sick. Apart from that I was very happy with the price

    Paul Exton
    Trades & Services

  • I thought the service I received was very awesome,

    Pene Nepia
    Trades & Services

  • You made the purchasing of public liability cover simply easy and straight forward

    Peter McLaughlin
    Trades & Services

  • Great service easy process

    Michael Price
    Trades & Services

  • Highly recommended way of doing business insurance with out hassles and cost effective

    Peter Digby

Who Needs Insurance for Tradesmen?

Whether you’re a a sole trader or a jack-of-all-trades, you know the amount of hard yakka that goes into a day at the office! Being a tradie no two days on the job are the same, and when a spanner gets thrown into the works, that’s where business insurance can help save the day.

Maybe you’re running a one-man band or have a hive of workers helping you get the jobs the done. Business insurance can be tailored to suit the risks and needs of your unique tradie business, no matter how big or small.

Did You Know?

Did you know that Portable Equipment insurance can protect your tools anywhere in New Zealand? Portable Equipment only provides cover for you tools in the event they are lost or stolen.

Insurance for Tradesmen

Public Liability*

Don’t get stuck between a wall and hard place by not having Public Liability insurance. It’s a crucial form of cover to protect you and your business against claims arising from third party property damage and accidental injury (not covered by the ACC).

Even if you’re the best in business, accidents can and do happen – it could be knocking down the wrong wall or accidentally damaging an expensive piece of artwork. So don’t be a tool and get yourself the right cover for when things go a little haywire.

If you’re working as a contractor or are a member of a trade association, make sure you check to see if there’s a minimum level of cover required.

Business Insurance*

Your tools are essential to your business and the very reason why you nail those jobs! Chances are you have a few in the toolbox too, and when you do the math, they would be worth a fair few bob.

Thankfully, Portable Equipment cover will ensure peace of mind by ensuring you won’t be left out of pocket if they are lost, damaged or stolen.

Protect your business today.

Tradesmen covers a broad range of professions.

  • Carpenters & Woodworkers
  • Garden & Lawn Maintenance
  • Electricians
  • Painters
  • Handymen
  • Bricklayers
  • Plumbers
  • Tilers
  • Concreters

Claim examples**

A landscaper working at a private residence needed to hire a small item of plant to complete the job. Whilst operating the machinery he accidentally lost control and damaged the side of his client’s house. Fortunately, the landscaper had Public Liability cover and his insurer quickly agreed that the third-party property damage arose out of the operation of the insured’s business activity and settled with the homeowner’s own insurer within a week. Importantly though, the insured has continued to do business for that customer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Public Liability and Portable Equipment insurance?

Public Liability insurance covers you if a third-party claim that your negligent business activities caused them injury or property damage or personal injury (not covered by the ACC). This includes defence costs cover.

How much does business insurance cost?

To receive an accurate idea of the cost involved get a quote with BizCover today

Why should Tradies choose BizCover for their Insurance?

At BizCover, our task is to make insurance a stress-free experience. Our platform is designed to help you compare quotes and get the right cover you need so you can get back to more important things like running your business. But if you are still not convinced, here are a few other reasons why you should choose BizCover for your insurance.

New Zealand’s number one online insurance company

We take pride in the 10,000 small businesses we have helped already… and counting.

Clear and competitive pricing

Our platform is as clear as the Aotearoa air and as competitive as the All Blacks. You can compare and choose from a range of competitive prices right from your computer.

Built for small business

At BizCover we know what insurance tradies need. We also know makes small businesses tick.

We won’t bore you with jargon

We’re not fans of complicated insurance speak, so we talk to you in plain English. If you want to brush up on your Latin, look elsewhere.

How do I make a claim on my insurance policy?

Are you a tradie that needs to make a claim? No worries at all! We’re here to assist you through the process and get you back to business. Simply download, complete the Claim Notification Form and return to We’ll manage the process with the insurer for you, while our dedicated claims consultants keep you informed every step of the way. Alternatively, if you would like to contact us by phone, our customer service team are here to help you on Ph. 0508 249 268.

**The provision of the claims examples are for illustrative purposes only and should not be seen as an indication as to how any potential claim will be assessed or accepted. Cover for a claim will depend on the specific circumstances around the loss and would be subject to the terms and conditions of the policy concerned. As with any insurance, cover will be subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy wording. The information contained in this page is general only.  Coverage for claims on the policy will be determined by the insurer, not BizCover NZ, and will depend on the specific facts and circumstances involved.

Need Help?

Visit our Contact Us page, where you can find out how to get in touch with one of our business insurance professionals. 

You can also access quick links to our self-service portal, where you can download your Certificate of Currency, update your payment details, amend your cover and download your policy documents. 


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