16 Tools Every Carpenter Needs!

Carpenters and woodworkers channel their skills through the tools they use. The right tools of the trade are essential to getting jobs done on time and producing quality work. Let’s look at 16 tools that every carpenter may need—a few might surprise you!


The basics

Before electricity, carpenters relied on handheld tools to get the job done. These basic tools are still essential to the trade.

1. Claw hammer

A properly balanced hammer is a must for any carpenter’s toolbox! Consider buying one with a rubberised grip on the handle to give you better control as you work.

2. Screwdrivers

A set of screwdrivers is another essential piece of equipment. Choose a set with both flathead and Phillip’s heads in a variety of sizes to suit prep and finishing work.

3. Hand saw

Most carpenters will own a few hand saws for when they need greater control while cutting. Good hand saw maintenance, such as avoiding or removing rust and sharpening the teeth, may help you avoid accidents and mistakes.

4. Chisels

A set of chisels is handy for many carpentry and woodworking projects. Different types of chisels can help you do everything from fitting door hinges to cutting a hole in a piece of wood.

5. Carpenter pencil

Carpenter pencils are a go-to tool when it comes to marking where your next cut will be. Unlike regular pencils, they’re flatter, so they don’t roll away from you!

6. Clamps

Quick clamps are like having an extra pair of hands. They can hold two pieces of wood together as you work or while the wood glue dries.

7. Utility knife

There are a lot of things you may need to cut besides wood, like drywall, linoleum, boxes, shingles, and rope, just to name a few. A utility knife helps prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your saws, chisels, and other more speciality cutting tools.

8. Tape measures

You know the old saying— “Measure twice, cut once!”. Tape measures, both traditional and electronic, are essential to getting a project’s dimensions correct.

9. Carpenter’s square

Another crucial measuring tool, a carpenter’s square helps you create perfect right angles.


Power tools

Sometimes you just need a bit of power! These electric power tools can make your work faster, easier, and more precise.

10. Drill

Sometimes you need more power than a simple screwdriver can provide. A power drill makes quick work of assembling and disassembling work. Consider buying more than one battery, so you always have one charged and ready to go if you’re using a cordless drill.

11. Nail gun

A nail gun can also help speed up your carpentry work. Basic nail gun maintenance helps keep this tool in working order and helps keep you safe.

12. Circular saw

Circular saws, both handheld and table varieties, are an important precision tool for carpenters. With a traditional circular saw, you can control the depth of a cut for narrow slots and other shapes.

13. Jigsaw

Handheld jigsaws help you make irregular cuts, particularly curves and odd shapes. Jigsaws are also helpful in making smoother cuts that need less sanding.

14. Sander

A power sander speeds up the sanding process on many carpentry jobs. It’s a more convenient way to prepare or finish projects.

Office equipment

Working with wood is only half the job! If you run your own carpentry business, consider investing in these basic office tools.

15. Smartphone

A smartphone helps you keep in touch with your customers, clients, staff, and suppliers. If you frequently work on construction sites or in other people’s homes, you may need to stay connected to what’s happening back at your workshop.

Smartphones can help you run your business in other ways, too. There are many free and paid apps for accepting payments, managing work schedules, tracking your finances, advertising, and other office tasks that are necessary when you own a business.

16. Laptop

Sometimes a smaller smartphone screen just won’t do! A laptop may be an easier way to take care of admin tasks when you’re in your workshop or office. Popular software packages, like MS Office, help you create spreadsheets, invoices, and other documents that you may need. You may also find it easier to reply to emails from your laptop than it is from your smartphone.


Insurance: The most important tool for carpenters?

A well-stocked toolbox can fully showcase your carpentry skills, and office tools can help make doing business easier. But what about protecting your business? You might want to consider one tool that’s specially designed to do the job: carpenter insurance!

Insurance for carpenters helps protect your small business from common risks, like accidentally damaging a customer’s property or having your tools stolen. Without insurance coverage, the cost of fixing the situation could fall squarely on your shoulders. This could get expensive and quickly cut into your hard-earned profits!

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