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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have answers! If you can’t find below the answer you’re looking for please give us a call now and let our market-leading customer support team help you with what you need.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do get a copy of my policy documents or certificate of currency?

Simply login into your BizCover account and you can view and download a certificate of currency and your policy documents. Alternatively, you can email from the email address we have on file for you with the words “resend my policy documents” and we will email the documents to you instantly.

How do I make an amendment to my policy?

Simply login to your BizCover account and click ‘amend’ next to the policy you would like to change. You will be able to:

  • Add an interested party
  • Change your address
  • Add cover
  • Increase your cover
  • Update your declaration

How do I update my payment details?

Simply login to your BizCover account and click ‘update payment details’ from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

If you have an overdue payment, simply click the ‘Retry’ button on one of the email notifications we have sent you.

My payment has failed, how do I make payment?

Making a payment is easy, simply use the ‘retry’ or ‘reschedule’ button in the failed payment email we sent to you.

Getting Quotes

How to get claim?

Click here, and then select your occupation You’ll need to answer a few quick questions about you and your business and we’ll then provide you with your quotes to compare.

How long does the process take?

From the beginning through to buying your policy should take around 10 minutes.

Can I obtain an insurance quote by telephoning directly?

Yes. Our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to help you with getting your quotes over the phone. You can then choose to either pay online or over the phone.

How long are quotes valid?

Quotes are valid for 30 days. If you don’t wish to purchase the insurance policy straight away, you’ll be provided with a username and password, where you can retrieve your quotes at a later date. All quotes will expire after the 30 days.

Which insurance companies are quoted through BizCover?

BizCover provides quotes from a range of leading insurers. Currently we are partnered with ANDO, Dual New Zealand and AIG to offer our customers the right cover for their business, at the right price. We are always on the lookout to add new insurers to our range to ensure we continue to be the No. 1 online business insurance service.

In what currency are prices on this website quoted?

We quote in New Zealand Dollars and all transactions will be in New Zealand Dollars.

How to retrieve my quotes?

To retrieve your saved quotes, just click here, you will be prompted to enter your username (email address) and password.

Your may retrieve your saved quotes at any time but please remember quotes expire 30 days after the issue date.

Policy Information

When can I start the policy?

You can commence a policy as soon as payment is made, if you are renewing a policy, the policy will commence from the renewal date.

What confirmation do I receive that cover is in place?

You will receive an email with your policy documents and a certificate of currency which will confirm that cover is in place. You can also log into your account and view these documents.

When will I receive my policy documents?

You will receive an email with your policy documents as soon as payment has been confirmed.

How do I view my policy online?

When you receive the email with your policy documents it will also contain your username and password. On the homepage of the BizCover website you will be able to log in using these details to view your policy online.

Can I increase my policy limits or reduce them?

Yes, you have the ability to make policy amendments during the course of the policy period. At the top of the BizCover website you can login by entering your username and password details and make amendments to your policy.

What does BizCover charge for using this service?

BizCover receives a flat 15% commission from the insurer for each policy that is sold. In addition, there may be an administration charge on the policy.

Cancelling Policy

Can I cancel my policy?

You can cancel your policy at any time by providing written notice to BizCover. However, if your policy provides cover on a Claims Made basis, it is not advisable to do so unless you are absolutely certain that there is no risk of a circumstance or claim arising or being made against you for work already completed. With a Claims Made policy, you will lodge a claim or notice of circumstance with the policy that is in force at the time you become aware of the claim or circumstance – not the policy in force at the time you completed the work from where the claim has emanated (unless it is in the same insurance/policy year). Therefore, once you have completed a contract, it is advisable to keep your policy renewed and updated for as long as possible within the statute of limitations, usually six years in New Zealand. As an example, most retired professionals keep a policy in force for six years after retirement.

Are there any charges when I cancel my policy?

Upon cancellation of any insurance policy effected through BizCover, the commission and any fees paid to BizCover are non- refundable. The insurer will retain a proportion of the premium calculated pro rata as at the date of the cancellation, plus a percent of that amount. Please refer to any applicable cancellation provisions in the relevant insurer policy wording.

Policy Renewals

How do I renew my policy?

We have tried to make our renewals process as simple as possible for our customers. Most of our customers qualify for auto renewal, which means we will send you an email 21 days before your policy is due to expire and if nothing has changed your policy will be automatically renewed. If you don’t qualify for auto renewal, we will send you an email 31 days before renewal, outlining the steps that you need to take to renew your insurance.

Why do you automatically renew policies?

We are focused on making things simple for our customers, which means cutting out unnecessary work. Auto renewals mean we do all the work and renew the policy so that our customers can relax knowing that their cover is continuous.

How does the process work for automatic renewals?

We will send you an email 21 days before your policy is due to expire with your renewal details, including renewal amount and the last four digits of the credit card we’ll use to take the payment. If those details are all still correct, then there is nothing else for you to do. We will charge your card three business days before your expiry date. If you need to make any changes just call one of our team on 0508 249 268 and they will be help you out.

How is the payment made?

We’ll attempt to take the payment using the same credit or debit card that you used last year. If your card details have changed just give us a call and we will update them.

What if I don’t want an automatic renewal?

Just give us a call on 0508 549 568 and we will sort this out for you.

What if you’ve automatically renewed my policy and I didn’t want you to?

Just give us a call on 0508 549 568 within 14 days of your renewal and we will refund your premium in full.

Payment Options

What are my payment options?

Cash flow can sometimes be a problem for small businesses so we provide different payment methods to suit your business:


1.Credit Card

Pay the total policy amount upfront on your choice of debit or credit card, we accept VISA or MasterCard. You will get your policy documents immediately with this method.


2.Monthly instalments

We can also organise for you to pay in monthly instalments, there is a small fee associated with this. Speak to one of our sales team to find out more or click here to read the terms and conditions.

Are there any credit card charges?

Yes, Westpac Banking Corporation Ltd charges 2.1% for Mastercard and Visa transactions, and 3.7% for AMEX payments.
The Visa and Mastercard costs are included in your original quote.

How do I contact BizCover Support?

You can contact our Customer Support team by either calling us on 0800 249 268, sending an email, or completing the form on our Contact Us page.

Making Claims

How do I make a claim?

You can download a claim form which can be found under the ‘Make a Claim’ section of this website. You will need to complete the form and submit it to BizCover by emailing it to BizCover will manage the claim with the insurer for you and keep you informed throughout the process. Alternatively, you can contact our Claims team on 0508 249 268.

When should I report a claim/circumstance?

A claim is usually defined as another party making a verbal or written threat against you seeking compensation for alleged negligence or wrongful actions. A circumstance is a happening or series of happenings that you reasonably suspect may lead to a claim in the future. You should report both claims and circumstances as soon as you become aware of them.

Privacy Policy

What happens to my personal information?

BizCover only collect the personal information that is required to provide you with both a quote and a policy. Once you have purchased a policy, your information will also be collected and held by the insurer. BizCover will never sell or trade customer information to third parties. If you opt in, we may send you marketing material and other special offers. You can read our privacy policy to find out more.

If I buy online are my credit card details secure?

The BizCover payment system utilises SSL and our payments provider EziDebit. These world-class services mean your details will be secure from activation onwards. You can always read more about our privacy policy.
Ezidebit is Level 1 Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant and is a participating member of the PCI Security. Ezidebit is based in Australia and is licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) as an Australian Financial Services Licensee (no. 315388). They are fully sponsored with Westpac and are audited by ASIC annually. “Ezidebit – BizCover” will appear as the merchant for all payments from your credit card.


What should I do if I have a complaint about BizCover?

Here at BizCover, we welcome and value customer feedback. We want you to tell us if you are dissatisfied with our products or service. If you have a complaint please let us know, as it gives us an opportunity to address your concerns and improve.

Our complaints and disputes resolution service is available to you free of charge.

If you have a complaint, please contact our Customer Resolution Officer as soon as possible so that we may attempt to address your concerns. The Customer Resolution officer may be contacted by telephone on 0800 249 268. or email

For further information on our complaint process as well as on external resolution options, see our Resolving Customer’s Complaint and Disputes Brochure.

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