Insurance for Handyman

Insurance for Handyman

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Why does a Handyman need it?

As a handyman, you are there every time your client needs you for maintenance and repairs. From carpentry to installing flooring, you are skilled at taking on a wide range of small to big jobs.

While you attend to fixing other people’s problems, there can be minor to major risks or liabilities that you are exposed to daily. These risks could be in the form of damage to your client’s property, someone’s injury, or even death.

At BizCover, we are here for you with comprehensive handyman insurance cover that protects you and your business against risks. We remove the confusion in choosing the right insurance policy by offering multiple quotes from top insurers. Compare and choose the best policy that meets your business’s needs. Get covered against wide-ranging risks in minutes.

An easier way to get the right insurance cover is just to give us a call – and we will do the rest.

Did you know?

Your level of exposure is not based on your job fee or annual turnover. A relatively small and quick job could still result in many thousands of dollars damage.

Insurance for Handyman

Public Liability*

Running your handyman business is challenging. You’re constantly juggling your reputation, growing your business, cutting costs, and earning a decent profit. Nobody wants to make mistakes, but unfortunately, they tend to happen.

At times a minor error can lead to hundreds of dollars of property damage or injury. However, the last thing you need is the added burden of having to pay for injuries suffered by someone or accidental damage to property due to your work.

Public liability insurance is designed to protect small business owners against risks that arise and incur property damage, injury or loss to a third party.

The cost of public liability insurance depends on the extent of insurance cover you require, the size, location and nature of your business. When comparing the quotes, it is important to also look at the benefits and other features offered by each policy.

BizCover is the go-to website to get affordable and suitable public liability insurance quotes from leading New Zealand insurers. A few clicks are all it takes to get the best public liability cover and complete peace of mind.

Business Insurance*

The success of your handyman business depends as much on your skills as your tools, some of which can be expensive. It is quite common for portable tools to get misplaced or lost, while there are also chances that they could get stolen or damaged. Paying out of your pocket to replace them is a setback that you cannot afford.
Portable equipment insurance is the perfect cover that ensures you don’t have to break the bank to replace your tools when they get lost, damaged, or stolen anywhere in New Zealand.

Protect your business today.

* * As with any insurance, cover will be subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy wording. The information contained on this web page is general only and should not be relied upon as advice.

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