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Business Insurance

... ) Covers loss or damage to your contents, stock and equipment caused by fire and other perils. Automatically includes cover for: # Covers the costs to replace internal or external glass that is damaged or ...

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Insurance Options for Retailers

... fridge, air conditioner and other equipment decides to quit working. An available Business insurance package option, this insurance can provide cover for the repair and replacement costs of your machinery following a ...

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It's Time for an Insurance Health Check!

... you want the business to be? Any changes in your business mean that there may be considerations for your insurance. Firstly, do you have the right types of cover and levels of cover? For example, if your business is ...

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Insurance for IT Professionals

... of repairs, restoration of electronic data, and even any additional cost of completing your work? Taking out Electronic Equipment insurance gives you that peace of mind if something were to go wrong, your downtime would ...

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What does business insurance cover

... stock you have. Stolen keys : covers the cost to alter or replace any locks or keys ... Portable Equipment * Porta ble Equipment insurance (also known as General Property insurance) covers ...

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Insurance for Photographer

... activities. Public Liability insurance also picks up legal costs that you may incur while defending yourself from a covered claim. Portable Equipment cover* Taking your photography equipment from location to ...

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Insurance for Handyman

... juggling your reputation, growing your business, cutting costs, and earning a decent profit. Nobody ... them is a setback that you cannot afford. Portable equipment insurance is the perfect cover that ensures you don't have ...

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Insurance for Beauty Salons

... ; ; 3 things to ask yourself when buying insurance Does the policy cover all your areas of work ... Liability cover. How much would it cost to replace your stock, contents and salon equipment if it was lost, damaged ...

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Insurance for Painters

... own pocket. These expenses can add up over time and dig into your savings. Business Insurance can cover the cost of your tools and portable equipment if it is lost or stolen, or in the event of a fire and other perils ...

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Insurance for Personal Trainers

... for working in public outdoor areas. Business Insurance Being a personal trainer often means your office travels with you, carrying around bags of expensive fitness equipment. That's why it is worth considering ...

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Insurance for Architects & Designers

... costs awarded against you, costs incurred such as legal and defence costs, claims investigation costs, inquiry attendance costs as well as public relations costs. Professional Indemnity insurance ... IT equipment), and ...

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What is Public Liability Insurance?

... cover, your insurance company will provide much needed funds to cover your legal costs and any compensation ... have manufactured or sold Incorrect installation of equipment resulting in damage to property Injury, illness ...

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What does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

... and defence costs ; When would I need Public Liability insurance? Public Liability insurance is ... have manufactured or sold Inappropriate installation of equipment causing damage to property Injury, illness or ...

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Insurance for Accountants & Tax Agents

... day with the books. That's why Professional Indemnity insurance is designed to protect you and your business from any ... if your computing equipment was to breakdown or suffer accidental damage? The cost of repairs and ...

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Insurance For Cafés and Restaurants

... fixtures and fittings, equipment, stock and furniture. A Business Insurance policy includes cover ... you against settlements or damages, including defence costs, as a result of an employee suffering bodily ...

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Insurance for Engineers

... and negligence. Importantly, it provides legal defence costs and cover for any awards or settlements ... cover for buildings, contents and portable equipment. A business insurance policy for an engineering business will ...

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Insurance for Hairdressers

... stock and equipment caused by fire, storm, theft and other perils. It can also cover portable equipment if you ... Business Interruption insurance can cover the loss of income and some of the increased costs of running ...

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Insurance for Shop Owners

... ACC does not provide cover Legal and defence costs What is typically NOT covered?  Injury to ... accidental damage). A Business Insurance policy can also cover your portable equipment, glass and for loss of ...

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Insurance for Plumbers

... your business away by not having Public Liability insurance. As a plumber it is a vital form ... Fortunately, when a spanner gets thrown in the works, Portable Equipment cover can deliver peace of mind making sure you're ...

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7 Ways to Grow Sales in a Café Business

... less > Counter Service > Automated equipment > Limit menu options to ... corner, or the cool place a little further away…? While some things cost more money to get right, like design and fitout, others can be ...

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5 Money Saving tips for Small Business in NZ

... , goods ranging from office supplies through to equipment like furniture, coffee machines, laptops or tools ... to get a new loan, credit card, bank account or insurance for their business. It may be that the provider of ...

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BizCover and n3

... you and big to us! We believe that getting your business insurance sorted should be simple and hassle-free, leaving you time to ... you own, your contents, stock and equipment against loss or damage due to an unexpected ...

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Ninja Fitness wins the 3rd BizGiver Grant

... and help keep my clients happy and engaged. It will help with my expansion plans as I will have more equipment to provide to my employees for the classes they will run in the new locations.” Elly has big plans for ...

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Insurance for Cleaners

... for you to get the job done. That's where Portable Equipment cover comes into play. Portable equipment ( or general property ) insurance can cover you for loss and damage to specified items such ...

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Do I need Business Insurance

... portable equipment associated with your business. These can include tools of trade and items of stock, so you're not left with a hole in your back pocket. Mortgage Brokers with a home office Business Insurance is ...

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What is Business Insurance

... occurs (such as fire, storm, theft or even accidental damage). A Business Insurance package can also cover your portable equipment, glass and for a loss of revenue due to business interruption in specified ...

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BizCover and NZ Retail

... accidental damage). A Business Insurance package can also cover your portable equipment, glass and for loss ... in the event of a cyber breach or attack. Costs associated with defending a cyber claim are also covered. ; ...

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Insurance for Tradesmen

... to the nuts and bolts of getting your business insurance sorted out, you can sit back and relax while ... would be worth a fair few bob. Thankfully, Portable Equipment cover will ensure peace of mind by ensuring you won ...

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... of your portable equipment, damage to your premises or contents, or the possible financial loss from an interruption to your business. So why not be more prepared by taking out Business Insurance? BizCover gives you ...

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How much does Public Liability Insurance cost?

... give you an idea, we have put together a snapshot of how much a stand-alone Public Liability insurance policy can cost for a small business, by analysing data from BizCover policies sold over the course of 2017. Our data ...

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Public Liability Insurance

What’s covered & what’s not? Get the right cover Public Liability Insurance cost Public Liability Insurance For your Business As much as we like to hope otherwise, accidents do happen. Regardless of the ...

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Professional Indemnity Insurance

What’s included? Get the right cover Professional Indemnity Insurance cost Professional Indemnity Insurance For Your Business When operating a business, your primary goal is to provide a positive impression to ...

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What does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

... out of business. With the right Public Liability cover in place, the insurance company will provide the funds to cover your legal costs and any compensation claims, leaving your business free of financial risk. Phew ...

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Insurance for Mortgage Brokers

... can defend you against compensation claims and legal costs in the event of physical injury or property damage should they arise. Business Insurance Business Insurance is designed to safeguard your contents and ...

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Do I need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

... Indemnity cover will help safeguard your hip pocket. Typically your Professional Indemnity insurance policy will cover the legal and defence costs of a claim and compensation if awarded to the client. Remember that ...

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Types of small business insurance in New Zealand

... a service or advice, then Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance is a must have. It protects professionals against liability for damages, and the legal costs associated with defending yourself against claims arising from ...

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Do I need Public Liability Insurance?

... Liability do I need? How much does it cost? Is Public Liability insurance a legal requirement? Do I need Public Liability Insurance Insurance? Public Liability insurance* is an important type of cover, as it ...

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Cyber Insurance - Is it worth it?

... . He was able to claim $70,000 for Business Interruption, notification costs and as defence costs for the breach of privacy. This is why cyber insurance should be an important part of your risk management plan, as it ...

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What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

... provisions of your service Regardless of the merit of such claims, your Professional Indemnity insurance will pay for your legal and defence costs, as well as compensation payable to the party making the claim, up to ...

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Cyber Liability Insurance

... a result of Cyber crime is $650 million annually* Cyber Liability Insurance is designed to protect your business against the expense and legal costs arising from data breaches which may occur after being hacked, or from ...

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Statutory Liability Insurance

... their actions in the workplace. Statutory Liability Insurance protects you, your business and your employees, ... Zealand Acts of Parliament. It covers the costs of representation in investigations for alleged breaches ...

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Employers Liability Insurance

... and no matter how much we plan, accidents do occur. Employers Liability insurance protects you against settlements or damages, including defence costs, as a result of an employee suffering bodily injury arising out of ...

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Insurance for Real Estate Agents

... for Real Estate Agents Professional Indemnity Professional Indemnity insurance is designed to protect your business against legal claims and costs by third parties for damage arising from acts, error, omissions ...

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Insurance for Consultants

... simple as accidentally spilling coffee all through a clients laptop could end up costing you a couple of thousand dollars. Public Liability insurance will protect you from any financial losses which may arise from a ...

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Retailer Insurance

... customer data and credit card details in which case you may be liable for claims. However, with cyber liability insurance in place, you may be covered for legal costs and expenses related to cyber risks. ;

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Insurance for Allied Health Professionals

... you can rely on us to look after your business insurance. As an allied health professional, small mistakes can have ... policy responded and paid for significant legal costs (equivalent to one years revenue) before the ...

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Insurance by Industry

... is why our comprehensive insurance offer includes Professional Indemnity insurance, Public Liability Insurance, Statutory Liability Insurance, Cyber Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance for a variety of ...

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Insurance for Travel Agents and Tour Operators

... and Tour Operators need it? Sorting out your clients' itinerary is fun, and so is sorting out your business insurance. With just 4 steps or one phone call, you can get quotes online in minutes from top NZ insurers ...

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Business Insurance FAQs

... easy to understand. Get Free Quotes ; ; ; Ready to sort out your Business Insurance? Your small business is a big deal to us. Get the right cover by comparing quotes from New Zealand’s leading ...

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Insurance for Bookkeepers

... We know you are always busy helping your clients, therefore we made it easy for you to arrange your business insurance - just a few clicks and one phone call, you have your policy documents emailed to your inbox. ; Did ...

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Insurance for Recruitment Consultants

... the policy in place at the time. The retroactive date will be specified in the policy schedule. All PI insurance policies will have a 'limit of indemnity' and a 'deductible' or 'excess'. The limit of indemnity is the ...

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Insurance for Immigration Advisers

... Indemnity (as at July 2017). ; Insurance for Immigration Advisers Professional Indemnity Insurance Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance provides essential financial protection for Immigration Advisers ...

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6 ways your business can go paperless

... becom e paperless by introducing digital receipts. Not only will it help cut paper and printing costs , b ut digital receipts will last longer too . Sending and storing them digitally means they ...

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Customer Spotlight: TwoBlackLabs

... and carries no business value”. 'it's basically a cost to us' and there for 'tick in the box compliance ... continue, and my family are not impacted. Insurance allows me to meet my contractual obligations with certain ...

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Reviews related to equipment insurance cost

  • Online, easy and cost effective

    David Ball
    Information Technology

  • Excellent online service, frequent reminders of the expiry date, and a reasonable cost for the protection.

    David Crockett
    Trades & Services

  • Highly recommended way of doing business insurance with out hassles and cost effective

    Peter Digby

  • Compared to the other quotes I was getting and poor customer service I was dealing with, BizCover were friendly and helpful, patient as I said I wasn't ready yet due to waiting for other insurance brokers who were terrible, BizCover kept trying to call bu

    Layla Dowthwaite
    Consultancy Occupations


    Janette Wallbutton
    Real Estate

  • Easy to deal with; did as they said. ie when I asked them to call back they did. Normally choosing insurance is a big headache but this was so straightforward and pleasant. I would definitely recommend them. A

    Alisa Drewett

  • I found getting insurance from BizCover exceptionally easy, did it over the phone,the representative that I was dealing with explained everything clearly and walked me through the whole process from start to finish.

    Tina Buckler
    Allied Health

  • I did fill this in before - don't know what happened to it. I thought the on-line service was good. The real proof about the value of any insurance product though is what happens when you have to claim!

    Alison McDonald
    Consultancy Occupations

  • Nice and fast, but not immediately obvious where to download insurance certificate.

    Charles Brooks
    Consultancy Occupations

  • Extremely easy, user-friendly online purchase process, really good. But like all insurance the value isn?t known until you need to make a claim. I hope if that?s ever needed, that process and customer service is equally as good.

    Angela Clarke
    Information Technology

  • They have competitive pricing but when selecting your insurance product you are completely on your own as the consultants do not provide any advice or recommendation regading the suitability of cover. That is of some concern if the kind of work you do isn

    Monique Princen
    Information Technology

  • The representative said that he wasn't sure if the situation I described was included in the insurance I selected and he would need to check with the under writer and call me back. I thought "yeah right" but he did call back very quickly and then my cover

    Quentin Duff
    Trades & Services

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Cover Explained

Select the cover options needed for your business:


Covers the cost of repairing or reconstructing buildings your business owns as a result of fire and other perils.

  • Includes protection for things like fixed signs and lettering, tanks, poles, power lines and their supports, walls, gates, fences and landscaping
  • Optional cover for natural disasters, including earthquake*

Property (Contents)

Covers loss or damage to your contents, stock and equipment caused by fire and other perils.

  • Automatically includes cover for:#
  • Covers the costs to replace internal or external glass that is damaged or broken, such as windows, mirrors or porcelain.
  • [simple_tooltip content=’Covers money belonging to your business that is lost, stolen, or damaged, either at your business premises or in transit.’]Money[/simple_tooltip]
  • [simple_tooltip content=’Covers theft of your insured property up to $20,000. Excludes shoplifting.’]Theft[/simple_tooltip]
  • [simple_tooltip content=’Covers loss, damage or theft of your goods whilst in transit in New Zealand.’]Transit[/simple_tooltip]
  • [simple_tooltip content=’Sudden and accidental breakdown of mechanical, electrical or electronic plant and equipment.’]Equipment breakdown[/simple_tooltip]
  • [simple_tooltip content=’Increases the sum insured by 20% during November, December and January for any insured stock you have.’]Seasonal stock increase[/simple_tooltip]
  • [simple_tooltip content=’Covers the cost to alter or replace any locks or keys because they were stolen or illegally duplicated.’]Stolen keys[/simple_tooltip]
  • Optional cover for natural disasters, including earthquake*

Portable Equipment

Covers loss or damage to portable equipment, tools and valuable property anywhere in New Zealand.

  • Select your own cover limit
  • Covers loss or damage of laptops and mobile phones anywhere in the world


Business Interruption

Covers you for the loss of income and some of the increased costs of running your business as a result of interruption caused by events covered under your policy.

  • Optional cover for natural disasters, including earthquake*

*Cover for natural disasters is subject to the location of your business and is not available to all postcode areas.
#Sub-limits and conditions apply. Refer to the policy wording.