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Why do Painters need it?

Running a painting business or working as a subcontractor means you are personally responsible for your business. Painters face significant on the job risks, including unexpected damage to someone’s property or unintentionally causing personal injury to a third party such as a client or a member of the public where cover is not available from the Accident Compensation Commission.

Taking out insurance means safeguarding your business against incidents covered under your policy should a claim be made. This means you can focus on doing your job without having to worry about paying for a claim out of your own pocket.

Did you know?

If you’re subcontracting to another painter who has his or her own insurance, it is likely you are not covered by their policy. Public liability policies usually cover only the insured and their employees, not subcontractors.

Insurance for Painters

Public Liability

Public Liability is perhaps the most important insurance option for painters to consider. It will protect you in the event of your business causing personal or property damage to your client. For example, you may spill paint that may cause damage to property or your client may trip on your equipment and injure themselves.

In these situations you may be held financially responsible if your client suffers a loss due to your negligence, whether intentional or otherwise. Defending against such claims can prove expensive. Public Liability Insurance protects your business against such claims.

Business Insurance

As a painter, your tools are essential to your job. In the absence of business insurance, if your tools are lost or stolen you will have to bear this cost out of your own pocket. These expenses can add up over time and dig into your savings.

Business Insurance can cover the cost of your tools and portable equipment if it is lost or stolen, or in the event of a fire and other perils. The policy can be completely tailored to meet your specific needs and ensures that you are not left high and dry should an unexpected event take place.