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It's Time for an Insurance Health Check!

... business mean that there may be considerations for your insurance. Firstly, do you have the right types of cover ... to wait until your policy anniversary for your Limit of Indemnity to be restored and to make a new claim.. ...

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Insurance Options for Retailers

... for things to go wrong. Having the appropriate retailers insurance in place to protect your retail store is a ... in transit to or from your store or in your professional custody. While you may take all the right measures ...

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Business Insurance

... perfect sense to protect the things needed to make your business run smoothly every day. Business Insurance is designed to safeguard your contents, stock and other assets against unexpected events, like fire, storm ...

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Do I need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

... your profession? Minimum Level of Cover What is NOT typically covered? Do I need Professional Indemnity Insurance Insurance? Professional Indemnity insurance is an essential form of cover for anyone who provides ...

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What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

... insurance is mandatory as a condition of the contract An example of some professions that require PI ... 're all human and we all make mistakes. Professional Indemnity Insurance allows you to cover yourself if, and when, ...

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Professional Indemnity Insurance

... not found liable, the legal costs of defending yourself could seriously affect your business. Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI) is designed to protect you and your employees by providing cover against such claims ...

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Insurance for Bookkeepers

... can result in the Bookkeeper being sued. ; Insurance for Bookkeepers Professional Indemnity Insurance Professional Indemnity Insurance is for businesses and professionals in fields where their customers, or other ...

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Insurance for Recruitment Consultants

... relations change management psychological testing training & induction ; Professional Indemnity Insurance for Recruitment Professionals PI insurance is designed to indemnify the insured for a ...

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Insurance for IT Professionals

... to the claim. ; Insurance for IT Professionals Professional Indemnity Insurance Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance provides essential financial protection for IT Professionals against potential losses arising ...

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Insurance for Allied Health Professionals

... Liability cover with our exclusive member rates. ; Insurance for Allied Health Professionals Professional Indemnity Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance provides essential financial protection for Allied Health ...

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Insurance for Architects & Designers

... require professional indemnity insurance to cover themselves in person for errors and negligence. ; Insurance for Architects and Designers Professional Indemnity Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance provides ...

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Insurance for Accountants & Tax Agents

... /or tender processes. Even the best of us can have a bad day with the books. That's why Professional Indemnity insurance is designed to protect you and your business from any losses which may arise from any errors and ...

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Insurance for Mortgage Brokers

... have at least $1 million of cover. ; Insurance for Mortgage Brokers Professional Indemnity Insurance Professional indemnity insurance protects professionals, like Mortgage Brokers, who offer advice and services ...

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Insurance for Engineers

... and breaching the Engineers' Code of Ethics. ; Insurance for Engineers Professional Indemnity Professional Indemnity provides indemnity for professional errors and negligence. Importantly, it provides legal ...

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Insurance for Consultants

... Giving advice or providing recommendations doesn't come without risk. That's why Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance is designed to provide the essential financial protection you need as a Consultant, to safeguard ...

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Insurance for Travel Agents and Tour Operators

... your earnings and not gross ticket prices. ; Professional Indemnity Insurance for Travel Agents and Tour Operators Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance provides essential financial protection for Travel Agents and ...

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Insurance for Personal Trainers

... ; Did you know? Your professional indemnity policy covers the cost of defending allegations of professional negligence against you and not just the settlement amount. ; Insurance for Personal Trainers and Fitness ...

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Insurance for Immigration Advisers

... a minimum of $250,000 Professional Indemnity (as at July 2017). ; Insurance for Immigration Advisers Professional Indemnity Insurance Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance provides essential financial protection ...

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Understanding the risks for Real Estate Agents

... the Real Estate Industry, Professional Indemnity Insurance provides essential financial protection against potential losses arising out of acts, errors and omissions from professional services provided. The REINZ ...

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Insurance for Beauty Salons

... of The New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty Professionals, it is compulsory to hold Professional Indemnity insurance. ; Insurance for Beauty Salons Professional Indemnity The joys of being a beauty ...

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Insurance for Real Estate Agents

... and inquiries to the Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA). ; Insurance for Real Estate Agents Professional Indemnity Professional Indemnity insurance is designed to protect your business against legal claims and ...

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Insurance by Industry

... is why our comprehensive insurance offer includes Professional Indemnity insurance, Public Liability Insurance, Statutory Liability Insurance, Cyber Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance for a variety of ...

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Bizcover and Nutrition Society of NZ

... LIMIT OF INDEMNITY EXCESS ANNUAL PREMIUM Professional Indemnity $1Million any ... old fashioned way you can contact our friendly business insurance Specialists on 0508 249 268 Monday to Friday 9. ...

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BizCover and Reflexology NZ

... be the preferred insurance partner of Reflexology New Zealand. We offer a tailored insurance package from Dual ... cover for Professional Indemnity and Public Liability. Professional Indemnity Protects against ...

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Types of small business insurance in New Zealand

... your business or profession involves providing a service or advice, then Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance is a must have. It protects professionals against liability for damages, and the legal costs associated with ...

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Insurance for Shop Owners

... your customers with products, if you provide professional advice or services you may want to consider Professional Indemnity insurance*. Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance is an important form of protection for ...

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About Us

... Zealand's leading insurers, including DUAL, AIG, and QBE. With the option to include Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, and Business Insurance, we will ensure you get the best cover for your business at the right ...

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Help Protect your small business' reputation

... your reputation too. And let's face it, we are all human and mistakes do happen. Fortunately, Professional Indemnity insurance is designed to protect your business should you or your staff make an error, omission, or ...

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Bizcover and Massage NZ

... to be the preferred insurance partner of Massage New Zealand. We offer an insurance package from Dual ... Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, Statutory Liability and Employers Liability. Professional Indemnity ...

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BizCover & NZTA

... the Partner Code field during checkout. ; ; Professional Indemnity Insurance for Tutors We're not trying to teach ... omissions involving a breach of your professional duty. Having the right PI cover offers you peace of ...

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BizCover and Boost Your Business

... your cover by picking and choosing the types of policies relevant to your business. Professional Indemnity Insurance Protects your business and your staff against any financial losses or legal action taken ...

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BizCover and PriceMe

... personal injury not covered by the ACC that arise due to your business operations. Professional Indemnity Insurance Protects your business and your staff against any financial losses or legal action taken against ...

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How much does Public Liability Insurance cost?

... negotiated with our insurers to combine Professional Indemnity and Public Liability cover which offer much more competitive premiums. It is also important to note that each insurance company assesses risk in different ...

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BizCover and n3

... and big to us! We believe that getting your business insurance sorted should be simple and hassle-free, leaving you time ... things were to go wrong. Professional Indemnity protects your business and your ...

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Insurance for Photographer

... and mobile phones anywhere in the world. ; Insurance for Photographers Public Liability* Often referred to as General Liability insurance, Public Liability insurance is designed to provide protection for you and ...

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Insurance for Cleaners

... While you 're busy cleaning, let us take care of all the messy bits of searching for cleaner's insurance. In just a few clicks or a phone call you can receive multiple quotes from some of New Zealand ...

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Insurance for Painters

... this cost out of your own pocket. These expenses can add up over time and dig into your savings. Business Insurance can cover the cost of your tools and portable equipment if it is lost or stolen, or in the event of ...

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Insurance for Handyman

... that meets your business's needs. Get covered against wide-ranging risks in minutes. An easier way to get the right insurance cover is just to give us a call - and we will do the rest. ; Did you know? Your level ...

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Retailer Insurance

... size of your retail business. In just a few minutes, you can get back to business, while the insurance cover does the rest. ; Did you Know? Many commercial landlords require the tenant to have both public liability ...

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Insurance for Hairdressers

... other cosmetic services. While every hairdressing professional seeks to provide the most competent ... months to conduct repairs or re-build. Business Interruption insurance can cover the loss of income and some of ...

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What does business insurance cover

... premises a re most likely one of your most valuable assets that you will want to insure. Building insurance c overs your building if it i s damaged as a result of a fire, storm, malicious activity ...

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What is Business Insurance

... To further protect your business from the impact of an insured event, consider Business Interruption insurance. Business Interruption insurance can c over for financial loss as a result of an interruption to your ...

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What does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

... by Public Liability insurance? While Public Liability insurance covers your business for claims of negligence, you still need to take responsibility and ensure your business operates in a professional manner. Public ...

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Statutory Liability Insurance

... being held more accountable and responsible for their actions in the workplace. Statutory Liability Insurance protects you, your business and your employees, including directors, trustees and managers, against certain ...

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Cyber Liability Insurance

... costs to New Zealand businesses as a result of Cyber crime is $650 million annually* Cyber Liability Insurance is designed to protect your business against the expense and legal costs arising from data breaches which may ...

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Public Liability Insurance

... want to have to think about is paying hefty legal costs should an unwanted accident occur. Public Liability Insurance, often referred to as General Liability, gives you peace of mind, protecting you and your business ...

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What does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

... landlord. Or if you take out a contract with a large organisation they may stipulate that you have certain insurances to work for them. For example, doing any work for any metropolitan council will require a minimum $2m ...

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Employers Liability Insurance

... a safe working environment, and no matter how much we plan, accidents do occur. Employers Liability insurance protects you against settlements or damages, including defence costs, as a result of an employee suffering ...

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Cyber Insurance - Is it worth it?

... Interruption, notification costs and as defence costs for the breach of privacy. This is why cyber insurance should be an important part of your risk management plan, as it provides protection against the expense ...

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Insurance For Cafés and Restaurants

... potential risk for something to go wrong is a reality. At BizCover we offer a menu of insurance options from some of New Zealand's leading insurers to help you suit your unique food business needs ...

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Business Insurance FAQs

... easy to understand. Get Free Quotes ; ; ; Ready to sort out your Business Insurance? Your small business is a big deal to us. Get the right cover by comparing quotes from New Zealand’s leading ...

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Insurance for Plumbers

... Don't risk letting an expensive claim for property damage flush your business away by not having Public Liability insurance. As a plumber it is a vital form of cover that protects you and your business against claims ...

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Insurance for Tradesmen

... goes into a day at the office! So when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of getting your business insurance sorted out, you can sit back and relax while the BizCover team drill down to the basics to help you compare ...

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What is Public Liability Insurance?

... pockets (and some) because you tried to save a bit of cash by not purchasing the right amount of Public Liability insurance, or worse, didn't have any at all. If the risk to your businesses is such that you would go ...

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Do I need Business Insurance

... allows for policies to be customised to suit your business. Here are a few examples of how Business Insurance can protect different types of businesses and their areas of risk. Tradesmen on the job Your tools are ...

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Do I need Public Liability Insurance?

... for pricing, with each business rated according to their risk factors. Below are some of the factors an insurance underwriter will assess to accurately price a policy: The type of business you run and the industry it ...

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... Manufacturing Allied Health Professionals Professionals GET INSTANT QUOTES #Bizsave Just like this small trades business, you too can save big on your business insurance. With our ...

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Reviews related to professional indemnity insurance for photographer

  • It was so easy and great time saver, prompt delivery to obtain the Public Liability and Professional Indemnity I require as an Occupational Health and Safety Consultant and Practitioner. Other quotes took well over a week to come back to me. Definitely r

    Patricia Copp
    Consultancy Occupations

  • Got my PI cover sorted within 15 mins over the phone.

    Kaushalya Samarasekera
    Information Technology

  • I recommend bizcovers simple and straightforward system for obtaining professional insurace online

    Alison Davies
    Consultancy Occupations

  • All good and professional apart form the call back time. I was rushed into agreeing that I had read and understood things that I had not even seen. It would have been better to explain that the call was going to take over 10 minutes and there there were a

    Chris Boyce
    Information Technology

  • Highly recommended way of doing business insurance with out hassles and cost effective

    Peter Digby


    Janette Wallbutton
    Real Estate

  • Easy to deal with; did as they said. ie when I asked them to call back they did. Normally choosing insurance is a big headache but this was so straightforward and pleasant. I would definitely recommend them. A

    Alisa Drewett

  • I found getting insurance from BizCover exceptionally easy, did it over the phone,the representative that I was dealing with explained everything clearly and walked me through the whole process from start to finish.

    Tina Buckler
    Allied Health

  • Extremely easy, user-friendly online purchase process, really good. But like all insurance the value isn?t known until you need to make a claim. I hope if that?s ever needed, that process and customer service is equally as good.

    Angela Clarke
    Information Technology

  • They have competitive pricing but when selecting your insurance product you are completely on your own as the consultants do not provide any advice or recommendation regading the suitability of cover. That is of some concern if the kind of work you do isn

    Monique Princen
    Information Technology

  • Compared to the other quotes I was getting and poor customer service I was dealing with, BizCover were friendly and helpful, patient as I said I wasn't ready yet due to waiting for other insurance brokers who were terrible, BizCover kept trying to call bu

    Layla Dowthwaite
    Consultancy Occupations

  • I did fill this in before - don't know what happened to it. I thought the on-line service was good. The real proof about the value of any insurance product though is what happens when you have to claim!

    Alison McDonald
    Consultancy Occupations

  • Nice and fast, but not immediately obvious where to download insurance certificate.

    Charles Brooks
    Consultancy Occupations

  • The representative said that he wasn't sure if the situation I described was included in the insurance I selected and he would need to check with the under writer and call me back. I thought "yeah right" but he did call back very quickly and then my cover

    Quentin Duff
    Trades & Services

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Cover Explained

Select the cover options needed for your business:


Covers the cost of repairing or reconstructing buildings your business owns as a result of fire and other perils.

  • Includes protection for things like fixed signs and lettering, tanks, poles, power lines and their supports, walls, gates, fences and landscaping
  • Optional cover for natural disasters, including earthquake*

Property (Contents)

Covers loss or damage to your contents, stock and equipment caused by fire and other perils.

  • Automatically includes cover for:#
  • Covers the costs to replace internal or external glass that is damaged or broken, such as windows, mirrors or porcelain.
  • [simple_tooltip content=’Covers money belonging to your business that is lost, stolen, or damaged, either at your business premises or in transit.’]Money[/simple_tooltip]
  • [simple_tooltip content=’Covers theft of your insured property up to $20,000. Excludes shoplifting.’]Theft[/simple_tooltip]
  • [simple_tooltip content=’Covers loss, damage or theft of your goods whilst in transit in New Zealand.’]Transit[/simple_tooltip]
  • [simple_tooltip content=’Sudden and accidental breakdown of mechanical, electrical or electronic plant and equipment.’]Equipment breakdown[/simple_tooltip]
  • [simple_tooltip content=’Increases the sum insured by 20% during November, December and January for any insured stock you have.’]Seasonal stock increase[/simple_tooltip]
  • [simple_tooltip content=’Covers the cost to alter or replace any locks or keys because they were stolen or illegally duplicated.’]Stolen keys[/simple_tooltip]
  • Optional cover for natural disasters, including earthquake*

Portable Equipment

Covers loss or damage to portable equipment, tools and valuable property anywhere in New Zealand.

  • Select your own cover limit
  • Covers loss or damage of laptops and mobile phones anywhere in the world


Business Interruption

Covers you for the loss of income and some of the increased costs of running your business as a result of interruption caused by events covered under your policy.

  • Optional cover for natural disasters, including earthquake*

*Cover for natural disasters is subject to the location of your business and is not available to all postcode areas.
#Sub-limits and conditions apply. Refer to the policy wording.