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Insurance for IT Professionals

... and Product Liability insurance offers important cover for IT Professionals and their legal liability in the ... to work through Mike D. Information Technology (IT) / Computer Consulting Service Website is very good. Easy ...

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What is Public Liability Insurance?

... Public Liability insurance can help create peace of mind for a wide range of professions. However, it's still ... risks. Fitness Professionals - Personal trainers, yoga instructors and others working in the fitness industry ...

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Public Liability Insurance Explained

... your business may need to consider having Public Liability insurance in place: It's a contractual requirement- you may be required to have an active Public Liability insurance policy to work on certain contracts. Be sure ...

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Understanding Employers Liability Insurance

... this type of business insurance in place. What is Employers Liability insurance ? You may take ... it comes to business insurance, with each and every business exposed to its own unique risks. At Public Liability Insurance ...

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Employers Liability Insurance

... This includes defence costs cover. Is Employers Liability Insurance mandatory? It is always wise to check with your ... from a range of competitive prices right from your computer. You get the results you need within a couple ...

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Cyber Liability Insurance

... may need to consider Cyber Liability insurance. If your business uses computers, phones, or any other ... on their systems used to operate the machinery, it could cause massive disruptions to the businesses production of ...

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Public Liability Insurance

... Whilst operating the machine he accidentally lost control of it damaging the side of his client's house. ... prices right from your computer. Built for small business We know Public Liability insurance. We also know makes ...

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What does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

... Public Liability insurance also does not apply to being compensated for personal injury if it is ... it super easy! Andrei C. IT / Computer Consulting Service Awesome working with Jennie Hamlett. Thank you for making it ...

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Cyber Liability Insurance Explained

... small business* operators, it is worth considering Cyber Liability insurance and how it can protect your ... Cyber Liability insurance protects your business from: Website hijacked and defaced Computers infected with ...

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What does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

... it damage to items that don’t replace body parts. This includes hearing aids, glasses,pacemakersand gastric bands. ii When would I need Public Liability insurance? Public Liability insurance ... Public Liability insurance may ...

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Do I need Public Liability Insurance?

... back pocket How Much Public Liability do I need? How much does it cost? Is Public Liability insurance a legal requirement? Do I need Public Liability Insurance Insurance? Public Liability insurance* is an important type ...

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How much does Public Liability Insurance cost?

... more it will usually cost. However, fortunately when it comes to Public Liability insurance the ... of cover amongst our New Zealand customer base for Public Liability insurance is $1 million, however there is the option to ...

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Statutory Liability Insurance

... price when it comes to Statutory Liability insurance policies. Each and every business is different with its own exposure ... Statutory Liability insurance and Public Liability insurance? Public Liability insurance is ...

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Tradie Guide to Public Liability Insurance

... . When will Public Liability Insurance won't help your trade business? It's worth noting that the ... . However, if you have reduced your risk with Public Liability insurance, you can be in a position to recover and continue ...

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Cyber Insurance - Is it worth it?

... . However, small businesses are also at risk. Make sure you have solid cyber liability insurance in place to cover your business in the eventuality it is hit. * This information is a general guide only and does not take ...

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Insurance by Industry

... Recruitment Consultants Retailer Shop Owners Tradesmen Travel Agents and Tour Operators Yoga Teachers Protect your business today. * * As with any insurance, cover will be subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions ...

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Insurance for Tradies

... and hard place by not having Public Liability insurance . It's a crucial form of cover to protect you ... prices right from your computer. Built for small business At BizCover we know what insurance tradies need. We also ...

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How Much Does It Cost To Recover Lost Data?

... ’t be retrieved unless they are connected to another computer and scanned in read only mode. This is not ... Liability insurance Cyber Liability insurance is a type of insurance policy that could cover data recovery costs. It ...

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Does your small business need an IT solution?

... efficient in the long run,” says Louise. Cyber Liability insurance * is another important safeguard that is designed to protect your business from cybercrime. It's designed to cover you for losses from claims arising ...

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How to Open a Yoga Studio

... their own yoga studio in New Zealand can enjoy peace of mind by reducing the risks to their business via business insurance such as yoga insurance. And a great way to do that is with insurance for yoga teachers * . ...

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What Insurance Policies do Yoga Studios Need?

... level of coverage? Then you can expect to pay for it! Higher coverage amounts typically mean higher premiums. Keeping your yoga studio flexible Insurance for yoga teachers can help you remain calm and serene in the face ...

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What are the Risks in Running a Yoga Studio?

... expose yoga studio operators to risk and where business insurance could help protect against the risks involved in being a yoga teacher who runs their own yoga studio as a small business owner. Public liability incidents ...

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Business Tips for Yoga Studios

... , new and existing yoga studio operators will benefit from ... its future by guarding against risks. A great way to do that is to invest in business insurance such as insurance for yoga teachers *. BizCover works with yoga ...

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Insurance for Yoga Teachers

... space for your yoga studio, you may be required to have Public Liability* coverage and show proof of insurance when you sign a lease. What Insurance do Yoga Teachers need? Insurance can help yoga teachers keep their ...

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Insurance for Carpenters

... if it's an accident, you could still be facing an expensive claim or lawsuit. Public Liability insurance helps ... how to get in touch with one of our business insurance professionals. You can also access quick links to our ...

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Business Insurance

... mandatory. For example Public Liability or Professional Liability insurances are a common requirement for ... all items entered Martin B. Information Technology (IT) / Computer Consulting Service I had Lokesh help me and he ...

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Marketing Tips for Yoga Instructors

... of your yoga classes or yoga studio you identify ... its future by guarding against risks. A great way to do that is to invest in business insurance such as insurance for yoga teachers *. BizCover works with yoga ...

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Insurance for Photographers

... and break a bone as you were directing their movements? Often referred to as General Liability insurance, Public Liability insurance is designed to provide protection for you and your business in the event a customer ...

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How Cyber Insurance Protects Small Businesses

... service. Let's take a look at Cyber Liability insurance * and how it can help to protect your small business from some ... be impacted by a cyber-attack. Businesses using computers, phones and other electronic devices to run ...

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Insurance For Cafes and Restaurants

... Liability insurance? Product Liability insurance is often included in your Public Liability insurance policy, but it ... . Insurance options for retailers ...

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Insurance for Personal Trainers

... other fitness facilities, it may be a requirement that you have Public Liability insurance in place If you ... activities. Combined Professional Liability package Having a combined Professional Liability package provides the ...

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Insurance for Hairdressers

... It may also be a requirement to have certain kinds of business insurance in place as part of your rental agreement e.g., Public Liability ... -as-a-small-business-owner/ Let's face it, as a small business owner, there is a ...

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Insurance for Cleaners

... -haul. Business Insurance for Cleaners Public Liability Insurance* Public Liability insurance is an important ... and cleaning chemicals and even d mobile phones. Without these, it would be hard for you to get the job done. ...

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Do Hypnotherapists need Business Insurance?

... mistake, extreme weather, or accidentally downloading a computer virus could all impact how well you can do ... worry about the types of risks that Public Liability insurance covers. However, a patient can be injured ...

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Insurance for Accountants & Tax Agents

... Liability section, met the costs of appointing skilled legal talent and the costs associated with it. FAQ Why do accountants and tax agents need insurance ... R. Information Technology (IT) / Computer Consulting Service That ...

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Insurance for Psychologists

... the hit to your reputation. Cyber liability insurance protects your business against the legal costs ... accept payments. Portable electronic equipment insurance covers portable computer equipment and cell phones anywhere in ...

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What is Business Insurance

... Insurance cover and Public Liability insurance? The different kinds of coverage options that Business Insurance ... Highly recommended. Emma C. Information Technology (IT) / Computer Consulting Service That was quick. Spent 2 ...

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What does business insurance cover

... hair and beauty products Personal trainers and yoga teachers- insures items like your sporting equipment if ... that you will want to insure. Building insurance covers your building if it is damaged as a result of a fire ...

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Do I need Business Insurance

... terminals, this is why it is important to think about Cyber Liability insurance* If you own your business ... call is valid rather than a scammer. Roopal P. Computer Maintenance Service Hi, Just a question I am a Event ...

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Insurance for Mortgage Brokers

... ways, it does not cover: Intentional damage Acts of dishonesty or fraud Accidental injury and property damage Claims or events that are known before taking out insurance Public Liability Public liability insurance helps ...

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Insurance for Real Estate Agents

... Fraud and dishonesty Bodily injury / property damage Public Liability This insurance is an essential component of any business' insurances. It covers your liability to third parties for any property damage and or ...

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Insurance for Engineers

... insurance* in place If you are working out on site, it may be a requirement that you have your own Public Liability insurance ... . Gavin B. Information Technology (IT) / Computer Consulting Service Great support from Lokesh ...

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Insurance for Recruitment Consultants

... renting a premises for your business, Public Liability insurance may be required as part of your ... -does-professional-indemnity-insurance-cover-business/ Take back your time with these apps Let's face it, we could all ...

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Insurance for Consultants

... property damage Public Liability Public Liability insurance is a no-brainer when it comes to offering ... phones – love your work! Melonie C. Computer Education (Except That Provided By Educational Institutions Classified ...

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What Insurance do Beauty Salons Need?

... insurance. Other forms of coverage, such as Public Liability, may be a requirement to lease salon space. Your clients might expect it ... . Portable Equipment – Covers portable computer equipment and cell phones anywhere in ...

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Tool and Portable Equipment Insurance

... sporting equipment and products Yoga instructors- specialised yoga equipment like props, ... Liability insurance, but have you really sat down and understood what it protects your business from? Our guide keeps it simple ...

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Tradie Guide to Professional Indemnity Insurance

... it can be relevant and very handy given the fact that many tradies provide professional advice to their customers for a fee. While Public Liability insurance ... of. It's important to note that as your business grows it can ...

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Business Insurance Health Check Part 2

... have noted on your policy for your business premises, it might be worth double checking this too to ensure you ... the ones available: Public Liability insurance* : Public Liability insurance is designed to provide protection ...

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Managing your Public Liability risks as a tradie

... certain tools and equipment could cause more problems than what it is worth. It's also important to remember that when you take out your Public Liability insurance policy, you are insured for the type of business that ...

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Insurance for Sole Traders

... fees, court attendance costs, and other legal expenses. It may also cover costs that arise from investigations into ... to the period of insurance Public Liability insurance* Public Liability insurance is designed to provide ...

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Insurance for Contractors

... , court attendance costs, and other legal expenses. It may also cover costs that arise from investigations into ... prior to the period of insurance Public Liability* Public Liability insurance is designed to provide ...

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It's Time for an Insurance Health Check!

... consider increasing the level of public liability insurance that you hold. Are there statutory ... lines of work, you may be over insured! And finally, it's worth doing a quick review of your policy to understand exactly what ...

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Reviews related to IT Liability Insurance

  • All good and professional apart form the call back time. I was rushed into agreeing that I had read and understood things that I had not even seen. It would have been better to explain that the call was going to take over 10 minutes and there there were a

    Chris Boyce
    Information Technology

  • The website was v easy to use. I could answer all the questions. It was a simple quick process, I was impressed. Thanks First Advice's quoting system does my head in, you have to be clued to the instructions, this was a breath of fresh air.

    Virginia McCabe
    Information Technology

  • Its been very easy to re-instate my isurance for the next 12 months. I do not really have any additional comments to make because i have not been provided any special service. I would definitely do business with you again

    Sharon Williams
    Information Technology

  • Extremely easy, user-friendly online purchase process, really good. But like all insurance the value isn?t known until you need to make a claim. I hope if that?s ever needed, that process and customer service is equally as good.

    Angela Clarke
    Information Technology

  • They have competitive pricing but when selecting your insurance product you are completely on your own as the consultants do not provide any advice or recommendation regading the suitability of cover. That is of some concern if the kind of work you do isn

    Monique Princen
    Information Technology

  • Would prefer payment methods other than credit card. Being able to pay direct from my business bank account using Poli or other system would make life easier.

    John Cleveland
    Information Technology

  • Was an easy experience to update and re new policy

    Jamie Ewen
    Information Technology

  • Real easy to renew your cover and they email you a reminder.

    Joseph Caldwell
    Information Technology

  • great support!

    Faustin Roman
    Information Technology

  • Seamless - everything done online with no intervention required.

    Information Technology

  • Great, easy process.

    Etienne Kruger
    Information Technology

  • Online, easy and cost effective

    David Ball
    Information Technology

  • Got my PI cover sorted within 15 mins over the phone.

    Kaushalya Samarasekera
    Information Technology

  • So darn easy to set up and at a reasonable price

    Kirsty McIntosh
    Information Technology

  • Very slick and quick service with a great premium price for the cover. All done on-line with no long forms to fill in.

    Stephen Hutchins
    Information Technology

  • Definitely a good tele-support for an email query.

    Scorpio fibre optics limited Mt Eden
    Information Technology

  • Excellent so far, Sam was very good with providing the details and doing the follow-up. The sale was closed by someone else as he was not available. but 100/100 for Sam

    Amita Sethi
    Information Technology

  • So fast and easy! All done in 5 minutes.

    Jemima Lewis
    Information Technology

Did you Know?

For some IT professional claims, there can be a grey area as to whether the claim falls under a Professional Indemnity or Public Liability policy, so it’s wise to consider a liability package with combined cover from the same insurer. That way there will be no dispute between insurers as to which cover should respond to the claim.

Insurance for IT Professionals

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance provides essential financial protection for IT Professionals against potential losses arising out of their professional service or advice. This can include but is not limited to: acts, errors or omissions made by you or your employees; loss of documents or data; and intellectual property disputes among others.

IT professionals often require a set level of PI cover to comply with professional association requirements; professional standards legislation, or to meet the requirements of various clients. More and more companies that hire independent IT contractors insist their contractors hold PI insurance before considering them for a contract.

Professional Indemnity insurance for IT professionals covers a broad range of modalities, including:

  • Data Processing/Warehousing Services
  • Education & Training
  • Facilities Management or Outsourcing
  • Hardware Installation, Maintenance and Repair
  • Hardware Sales
  • ISP/Web/Internet Service
  • IT Consultants
  • IT Recruitment & Placement Services
  • Project Management
  • Software Development
  • Software Installation
  • Software Maintenance
  • Software Sales – Customised/Own Developed
  • Software Sales – Packaged/Third Party Software
  • Systems Analysis
  • Systems Audit
  • Systems Integration
  • Telecommunication Services
  • Troubleshooting

Public Liability

Chances are, you visit client premises to install and maintain their hardware and IT systems or they may come to you, leaving you exposed to claims of property damage or injury caused to others.

If a third party were to suffer an injury or property damage because of your negligent business activities you could be held liable for any of the financial costs including defence costs.

Public and Product Liability insurance offers important cover for IT Professionals and their legal liability in the event of third party property damage, or the accidental injury of others (not covered by the ACC), or as a result of a product defects..

Business Insurance

Each and every business is different, and that’s where Business Insurance offers a suite of options to cater to your individual business needs.

Business Insurance is a package designed to provide cover for your business contents, stock, tools and commercial premises when an insured event occurs (such as fire, storm, theft or even accidental damage). A Business Insurance policy can also cover your portable equipment, and loss of revenue due to business interruption in specified circumstances.

As an IT professional, below are some of the coverages you may want to consider to keep your business as ‘all systems running’:

  • Building and Contents – if you have an office, do you have insurance in place for your contents or any buildings you own? Could you afford to repair or replace all of your IT equipment, furniture, etc. in the event you suffered a fire, earthquake or theft?
  • Electronic Equipment -if you were to experience a breakdown of your important electronic equipment, could you cover the cost of repairs, restoration of electronic data, and even any additional cost of completing your work? Taking out Electronic Equipment insurance gives you that peace of mind if something were to go wrong, your downtime would be next to none.

Cyber Insurance

Working within the IT industry, you would be more than mindful of the types of potential malicious cyber threats and data breaches which could harm any sensitive client information you may be storing. The cost of a breach could not only damage the functional side of your business but could also take a toll on your business’ reputation.

Cyber Liability insurance is a type of business insurance product which protects your IT business against both the legal costs and expenses (including compensation payments) related to cybercrime incidents.

It typically covers the costs which can be incurred following a data breach or having your system hacked as well as investigation and data recovery costs, extortion costs, fines and penalties and PR/crisis management costs.

Protect your business today.

Why choose BizCover for your Business Insurance as an IT professional?

At BizCover, our task is to make business insurance a stress-free experience. Our platform is designed to help you compare quotes and get the right cover you need so you can get back to more important things like running your IT business. But if you are still not sure, here are a few other reasons why you should choose BizCover for your PI insurance.

New Zealand’s number one online insurance company

We take pride in the 10,000 small businesses we have helped already… and counting.

Clear and competitive pricing

Our platform is as clear as the Aotearoa air and as competitive as the All Blacks. You can compare and choose from a range of competitive prices right there on your screen.

Built for small business

We know insurance and what makes small businesses tick. And we understand what cover IT professionals need. So it’s really a no-brainer!

We won’t confuse you with jargon

We’re not fans of complicated insurance speak, so we talk to you in plain English. If you want to brush up on your Latin, look elsewhere.

Having the right insurance pays off

A software and hardware design company won a government contract to manufacture and install alcohol interlock devices on a branch of government owned vehicles. Within six months it became apparent that the calibration on the devices was incorrect following a minor traffic incident. The company’s Professional Indemnity policy responded and covered the cost for devices to be fixed by another firm, as well as the resulting damage from the error.

How do I make a claim on my insurance policy?

Need to make a claim? Too easy! We’re here to assist you through the process and get you back to IT business. Simply download, complete the Claim Notification Form and return to We’ll manage the process with the insurer for you, while our dedicated claims consultants keep you informed every step of the way. Alternatively, if you would like to contact us by phone, our customer service team are here to help you on Ph. 0508 249 268.

*This information is a general guide only and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. As with any insurance, cover will be subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy wording. The information contained on this web page is general only and should not be relied upon as advice. BizCover Limited is owned by BizCover Pty Ltd (ABN 68 127 707 975)

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Visit our Contact Us page, where you can find out how to get in touch with one of our business insurance professionals. 

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