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What is Public Liability Insurance?

... have caused damage or injury. Product Liability insurance covers you if any of ... customers or the general public should have Public Liability insurance Could this happen ...

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Key things to look out for when Growing Your Small Business

... it all on the line, and take a giant leap forward. ... the next phase involves growth and prosperity or financial breakdown. With ... smart risk ... ? Insure your legal liability! Public and Product Liability (or 'PL') covers claims ... scams, DDOS attacks and session hijacking. Cyber Liability insurance may not prevent an ...

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Business Risk: What Isn't Covered and Why it Matters

... it does protect you against, and the risks that still remain. ... ... the business. Cyber Liability Insurance- Cyber Liability Insurance protects against the expenses and legal costs ... much you're covered for. Using Professional Liability as an example again, you ...

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Types of small business insurance in New Zealand

If you own a small business, there's no denying one the most important things you need to protect your assets is Small Business Insurance. But what kind of insurance ... Free Quotes Employers Liability Insurance Employers Liability Insurance protects the company and the people who ... site where you can compare products closely and choose one that meets ...

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What does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

Public Liability Insurance protects you and your business against the financial ... ... consider Public Liability Insurance - even home-based businesses. It covers you and the ... to third parties if your products or services cause property damage. ...

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Public Liability Insurance

... responsibility to your customers, suppliers, and the community. The last thing ... accident occur. Public Liability Insurance, often referred to as General Liability, gives you ...

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Preparing your store for the holiday season ahead

... mean an increase in safety and security risks. Here are a ... protect your customers, your business, and your assets. Take safety […] ... to access systems and data. Therefore, a Cyber Liability insurance policy can act ... and grills Ensue there is adequate lighting at night This is general ...

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Small Business Insurance: Why you might want to ensure you're covered!

... your livelihood should an unforeseen (and rather costly) event occur. It ... will also provide some comfort and peace of mind. The types ... incidents ... ? Society is becoming more and more litigious and as business owner you ... expenses and legal costs associated with data breaches. This is general advice ...

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Emerging Auckland Yoga Studio Wins National Small Business Grant

Yoga Within started by accident. Owner ... room to offer Yoga Therapy to private clients and stumbled across what ... first experienced yoga ... studio.” “The current popularity of yoga and my conviction about how valuable ... and support themselves in their daily lives.” The leap from yoga teacher to ...

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Insurance for Allied Health Professionals

... Weight Loss Centres Yoga Instructors Public Liability and Product Liability Public and Product Liability Insurance covers Allied ... as a result of a product defect. If your business/practice requires ...

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Massage Therapy Insurance: here's why you need it!

... a rewarding yet challenging career, and there's no doubt you've worked ... Zealand members should hold and maintain a Professional Liability Insurance ... Zealand members should hold and maintain a Professional Liability Insurance package. #1 Protect against ... a breach of your general liability. Public Liability insurance protects you against claims ...

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Insurance for IT Professionals

... injury caused to others. Public and Product Liability insurance offers important cover for IT ... costs, extortion costs, fines and penalties and PR/crisis management costs. GET INSTANT ...

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5 Money Saving tips for Small Business in NZ

Most small business owners are conscious of their cash flow. Whether you are just starting out or have been in business a while, you'll want to make sure every dollar ... ; they'll let you compare key product features and benefits, as well as ... your cash and spending your money wisely! This is general advice only. ...

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Help Protect your small business' reputation

... a small business, your brand and its reputation are priceless. No ... strong relationships with your customers and clients, but it can take ... ... and even extortion costs. In addition, another great benefit of Cyber Liability insurance ...

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Cyber Liability Insurance - the Safety Net Small Businesses Need

... globe, especially in New Zealand and especially to small businesses. Microsoft ... that cybercrime over NZ computers and networks has more than doubled ... harmful. This is where Cyber Liability insurance provides a crucial safety net ... attacks now and in the future. https://blogs.business.microsoft.com/en-nz/2017/02/27/cyber-crime-on-the-rise-in-nz/ This is general advice ...

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Insurance by Professions

... Indemnity insurance, Public Liability Insurance, Statutory Liability Insurance, Cyber Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance for a variety of ...

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Insurance for Architects & Designers

... insurance, health and safety and quality management systems. Architects and Designers are also ... and the general public, then the short answer is yes. Public Liability insurance is ...

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How to protect your small business from cybercrime

... obtaining financial data. With more and more personal information being stored ... and shared on the internet, cyber ... are forever devising new ... than cure, and that's where Cyber Liability insurance can be a ... ://www.trendmicro.com/vinfo/nz/security/news/cyber-attacks/equifax-reveals-extent-of-2017-data-breach-number-of-stolen-records This is general advise only

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BizGiver launch in NZ: Granting a $2000 wish this spring

... aspect of running a business and you'll most likely get a ... task of balancing business expenses and managing the cash flow. Just ... ... must be for a tangible product or a service, up to ... services, advertising, iPads, hardware and equipment, and training courses. They've even granted ...

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Business Insurance

... contents, stock and other assets. And you can include Public Liability Insurance to ensure ... attempted theft at your premises. General Property Covers for loss or ...

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Employers Liability Insurance

Employers Liability Insurance For Your Business Whilst we ... , and no matter how much we plan, accidents do occur. Employers Liability insurance ...

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It's Time for an Insurance Health Check!

... business owners to take stock and do a bit of planning ... the business, including the goals and the direction of the business ... and ensuring ... direction of the business and ensuring financial and risk management strategies still ... increasing the level of public liability insurance that you hold. Are there ...

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Introducing our newest cover option: Personal Perishables Cover

... pack, launching our brand new product: Personal Perishable Insurance. Personal Perishables ... ... pack, launching our brand new product: Personal Perishable Insurance. Personal Perishables ... from both intentional theft and unintentional consumption. The product can also cover ...

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Insurance for Consultants

... consulting Compliance Conveyances Corporate Fire and Safety Forestry Funeral Directors Geological ... to your business' reputation. Cyber Liability insurance is designed to protect your ...

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7 Ways to Grow Sales in a Café Business

For many caf owners, marketing is all about buying ads or finding the right coffee related meme to post on social media. While there's nothing inherently wrong with advertising ... the time winter came, the product had been featured in several ... and we were selling thousands of dollars a week in a product ...

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BizCover Customer Spotlight - Three Gems Natural Skincare

... sunny Nelson, handcrafting natural skin and body care using only pure ... being able to find skincare products […] ... it comes to creating the products themselves and lets us in on ... can truly say that each and every product is carefully made with ...

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10 Amazing Facts About Small Businesses in New Zealand

With New Zealand ranking #1 in the World Bank's 2017 Doing Business Report this year, it has proven to be an attractive place for small business owners. We have put together ... NZ Enterprises are sole traders and therefore have no employees. That's ... expect to introduce a new product, service or process unique to ...

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Statutory Liability Insurance

... accountable and responsible for their actions in the workplace. Statutory Liability Insurance protects ... you, your business and your employees, including ...

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Insurance for Beauty Salons

... financial losses: Settlements and court costs Legal and defence costs PR costs ... happen, and damage can be expensive to fix. Public Liability Insurance provides peace ...

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Customer Spotlight - Two Sides

... Two Sides, a boutique copy and content writing business. Two Sides ... works with businesses, agencies and non-profits, helping them find the .. ... when they get their finished product. “They're often amazed to see ... from start to finish and being responsive and helpful. Also, just generally ...

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Customer Spotlight: Scotchbox

... is all about sampling Whisky and other spirits that aren't easy ... from all over the world, and they will help you buy ... like the best! Scotchbox ... like the best! Scotchbox owner and creator Gordon McBride likes to ... offering BizCover customers and friends a discount on their products. Enter BIZCOVER ...

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BizCover expands its insurance offer and launches a new look

... Australian customers to compare and buy professional indemnity and business insurance online ... online insurance marketplace in Australia and ... Australian customers to compare and buy professional indemnity and business insurance online ... for providing quick and easy online professional indemnity and public liability insurance for over ...

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Cyber Liability Insurance

... is $650 million annually* Cyber Liability Insurance is designed to protect your ... costs Claims Examples Website hijacked and defaced Computers infected with viruses/malware ...

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Customer Spotlight: TwoBlackLabs

... to assist clients by managing and making their business' unique security ... and privacy risk needs easier. They also specialise in providing and privacy risk needs easier. They also specialise in providing General ... specialised privacy, GDPR and data protection services, Founder and Principal Consultant Caroline ...

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4 Areas You May Not Have Thought Business Insurance Covers

... to protect your business assets and revenue against potential risks that ... , such as fire, storms, theft and accidental damage. When insuring your ... , laptops, projectors and photocopiers), appliances (fridge, microwave and dishwasher), and any other fittings. ... need to make a claim. General Property You can cover portable ...

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Customer Spotlight: Mosh

One of the things we're really proud of here at BizCover is the diverse range of customers we serve. Whether it's your local butcher shop, your favourite caf or the nation ... content for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Additionally ... those platforms, and report on the results. The General Manager of Mosh ...

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5 Often Overlooked Email Marketing Practices You Need To Master

Just like any other marketing channel, email marketing has its own set of best practices. Whether you're sending welcome emails, segmenting your lists, or personalising ... Loom is offering three great product ranges to the reader. 2. ... email largely consists of whitespace and black text, but the aesthetic ...

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Customer Spotlight: The Goat Farm

... of the customers we serve and being able to showcase the ... ... a product that ends up selling millions of units worldwide and employing ... created all the labelling and marketing material, and this year shot video ...

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The Art of Celebrating a Win this Winter

... on the nature of risk and we pride ourselves on the ... for the wins as well, and […] ... someone who regularly clocked in and experienced the satisfaction of charting ... who to call. This is general advice only

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7 Ways You Can Protect Your Business and Personal Information Online

... , pre-ordering your groceries for delivery and even ordering your morning coffee. ... ... use both capitals and lowercase and also numbers and symbols. Also many ... and even ransom negotiations for information. https://blogs.business.microsoft.com/en-nz/2017/02/27/cyber-crime-on-the-rise-in-nz/ This is general ...

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Understanding the risks for Real Estate Agents

... arising out of acts, errors and omissions from professional services provided. ... ... transaction documentation, conflicts of interest and allegations of fraud. Misrepresentation A ... for their client. This is general advice only.

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Cyber Insurance - Is it worth it?

... customer data they can steal and sell on the black market. ... ... saw usernames, passwords, phone numbers and physical addresses compromised. Fortunately financial ... of this plan. This is general advice only.

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Tips for making a Stress-Free Claim for your business

... get your business back up and running as quickly as possible. ... help make potential claims stress-free and time-saving. Be Prepared There are ... you afford to relocate and pay rent and the running cost of ... service provider today. This is general advice only

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Reviews related to general and product liability insurance

  • They have competitive pricing but when selecting your insurance product you are completely on your own as the consultants do not provide any advice or recommendation regading the suitability of cover. That is of some concern if the kind of work you do isn

    Monique Princen
    Information Technology

  • I did fill this in before - don't know what happened to it. I thought the on-line service was good. The real proof about the value of any insurance product though is what happens when you have to claim!

    Alison McDonald
    Consultancy Occupations

  • It was easy and fast to attain.

    Jason Te Kare
    Consultancy Occupations

  • excellent and quick

    Trades & Services

  • Was an easy experience to update and re new policy

    Jamie Ewen
    Information Technology

  • Quick and easy renewal. Thanks

    Ray Gesta
    Allied Health

  • Very good and it is helpful

    Rafey Shamas
    Television Antennae Installation

  • quick and easy.

    George Curach
    Trades & Services

  • A real person promptly answered my phone call - no redirection / no music while holding!! Quick and efficient answers to my questions.

    Astrid Herbert
    Trades & Services

  • Easy renewal process and very quick.

    Odette Wood
    Allied Health

  • Very quick polite and easy to deal with. Happy with service provided

    gary smith
    Trades & Services

  • Easy to understand and purchase, great experience

    Greg Campbell
    Consultancy Occupations

  • Answered all my questions, helpful, and followed up my online enquiry efficiently.

    Jan Broadley
    Consultancy Occupations

  • Fast efficient and user friendly

    Brett Stansfield
    Consultancy Occupations

  • Real easy to renew your cover and they email you a reminder.

    Joseph Caldwell
    Information Technology

  • It was grate and on timings,fast,good customer services.

    David Tabar
    Trades & Services

  • Easy to deal with; did as they said. ie when I asked them to call back they did. Normally choosing insurance is a big headache but this was so straightforward and pleasant. I would definitely recommend them. A

    Alisa Drewett

  • I found getting insurance from BizCover exceptionally easy, did it over the phone,the representative that I was dealing with explained everything clearly and walked me through the whole process from start to finish.

    Tina Buckler
    Allied Health

  • Excellent online service, frequent reminders of the expiry date, and a reasonable cost for the protection.

    David Crockett
    Trades & Services

  • Great service, easy to follow and easy to purchase

    Briana Nathan
    Allied Health

  • I was impressed with the quick service and how able they could ask my questions

    Tony Bailey
    Trades & Services

  • Easy to purchase. Good follow up and email reminder. Price Is good.

    Gabriel Molina

  • Thanks so much for the clear information and for making it so easy amd hassle-free!

    Alanna Clerkin
    Allied Health

  • Very easy process, prompt and competitive quote, would recommend to associates

    Wayne Smith
    Architecture & Surveying

  • Very helpful and friendly service

    David Slater
    Allied Health

  • Prompt response to my initial enquiry and subsequent questions about the policy.

    Carol Freebairn
    Trades & Services

  • Extremely easy, user-friendly online purchase process, really good. But like all insurance the value isn?t known until you need to make a claim. I hope if that?s ever needed, that process and customer service is equally as good.

    Angela Clarke
    Information Technology

  • Fast friendly and very good service thank you

    Gerald Eaton
    Allied Health

  • I recommend bizcovers simple and straightforward system for obtaining professional insurace online

    Alison Davies
    Consultancy Occupations

  • Great service, quick and easy to apply

    Fiona Morrison

  • Prompt and efficient

    Helena Coolen

  • Easy and affordable. Friendly customer service rep.

    Ian Leader
    Consultancy Occupations

  • The person assisting me was helpful and called back when he said he would

    Consultancy Occupations

  • Online, easy and cost effective

    David Ball
    Information Technology

  • Quick and easy to use, had no issues getting a quote or paying once I'd decided to go with Bizcover.

    Ness Macdonald
    Allied Health

  • So darn easy to set up and at a reasonable price

    Kirsty McIntosh
    Information Technology

  • Informative and timely.

    Nicola Dunham
    Allied Health

  • Very slick and quick service with a great premium price for the cover. All done on-line with no long forms to fill in.

    Stephen Hutchins
    Information Technology

  • Helpful and friendly

    Doreen O'Sullivan
    Allied Health

  • Great service :)

    Richie Campbell
    Multimedia and Marketing

  • Excellent so far, Sam was very good with providing the details and doing the follow-up. The sale was closed by someone else as he was not available. but 100/100 for Sam

    Amita Sethi
    Information Technology

  • so easy

    Jason and Sarah Neilson

  • Highly recommended way of doing business insurance with out hassles and cost effective

    Peter Digby

  • Excellent and efficient

    Angela Paul
    Allied Health

Get instant quotes

Get the cover that's right for your business

With BizCover there are 4 levels of Public Liability cover to choose from, being $1 million, $2 million, $5 million, and $10 million.

Policies are typically tailored to suit the type of industry your business operates within. However, the amount of cover required will vary from one business to another. When deciding on how much cover you need for your business, consider the following factors:

  • Do any of your contracts require a minimum level of cover?
  • Has your industry body set a minimum level of cover for membership?
  • Does your business or trade license require a minimum amount of cover?
  • Do the terms of your lease require a minimum level of cover?
  • Finally, think about what your level of risk and exposure could be. What kind of accidents could occur, and what could be the potential cost of a claim?