Marketing Tips for Yoga Instructors

For certain types of individuals, when it comes to health and wellbeing activities, staying healthy, and maintaining an active lifestyle, not much of a push is needed to get them on their feet, out the door, and in the thick of it.

For others, embracing an active lifestyle – be it running, cycling, or a mind, body and soul form of meditative exercise, such as yoga – may take a little more pushing. This is where small business owners who operate health and wellbeing businesses, such as yoga instructors or yoga teachers, can employ a little motivational marketing to reach new audiences and grow their yoga clientele.


Where to begin with marketing your yoga teaching business?

Yoga teachers who commit the time, effort, and budget to strategic marketing activities will increase their chances of reaching and engaging yoga-curious individuals. And with the right marketing tactics in play, before too long yoga teachers and yoga instructors will stand a good chance of converting them into loyal customers and passionate yoga students.

So, let’s stretch out, warm up, and get all wrapped up in the marketing tools, techniques and activities that will help you to grow your yoga teaching practice.


Do you have a niche?

 Does your yoga studio, or your specific approach to yoga instruction, set you apart in any way from all the other yoga instructors you are competing with for customers? Having a niche can enable you to differentiate yourself and promote your yoga classes as having a unique twist or flavour that can set you apart from other yoga providers in the area.

Examples of niche yoga instruction could include specific themes for each class, the music you choose to play during your lessons, or the way you sequence your classes. Your yoga niche could even be a mantra or motto that makes your classes unforgettable for your students. This may enable you to structure your classes differently and specifically target a certain clientele who wants yoga classes, but not as how they are traditionally organised and taught.

Identifying and focusing on your yoga niche can have the added benefit of helping you to stay focused on who your specific target audience is, which may range from corporate employees to stay-at-home mothers. Once you’ve identified your niche, focus on promoting to this audience across all the marketing activities you roll out for your yoga lessons and your yoga studio.


Be utterly genuine at all times

Often people who practice yoga have an uncanny ability to identify genuineness in people. It’s kind of like their sixth sense; and yoga enthusiasts will generally gravitate to people who are genuine and authentic. For yoga instructors, this means it’s very important to remain genuine and consistent in the messaging and values you choose to share.

In your marketing for your yoga practice, this means talking openly and honestly about your relationship with yoga and related practices such as meditation that may influence your approach to yoga instruction. Pull back the curtain and explain in your content marketing exactly why you chose to teach yoga, and how you can offer your own unique approach to teaching yoga.


Align with likeminded organisations and individuals

Businesses and organisations are often judged by the company they keep. Perhaps in the marketing of your yoga classes or yoga studio you identify opportunities for cross-promotion or collaboration with another brand, business, or service provider. It may be a yoga equipment supplier, a health food brand, or an activewear brand.

Such organisations may offer you a deal that’s too good to refuse. But before you align your yoga brand and identity with a third party, it’s worth your while to dig a little deeper into what they stand for. If their brand values and company ethos don’t align with yours, partnering with them may not be the best move.


Actively engage your audience on social media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are extremely popular with yoga instructors and passionate yoga devotes of all ages. The breadth and depth of yoga-related content and discussions shared on these social media platforms is truly impressive.

Yoga content on these social media platforms includes everything from photos and videos to how-to content, snippets of virtual yoga lessons, and passionate general discussion about the latest yoga trends and time-honoured yoga traditions.

Yoga instructors and yoga students alike can be found engaging with each other on social media. So if you haven’t done so already, be sure to create and actively maintain social media accounts for your yoga brand on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Use your social media presence to:

  • engage with yoga enthusiasts;
  • position yourself as a yoga thought leader; and
  • promote your yoga studio or classes.


Go virtual with your lessons

 Not everyone may be able to make it to your yoga studio for regular yoga lessons. But you can bring your lessons to them in the comfort of their own home by running online yoga classes for your students and potential new students.

Delivering your yoga classes via online platforms exposes you to new prospective clients, while also providing an additional revenue stream on top of your usual in-person lessons. It can take some time and effort to set up, but if have the resources it’s worth considering. If virtual yoga classes prove popular, you may consider offering them as a value-add for long-term clients or use them as promotional tools for potential new clients to try before they buy.


Promote yoga to the masses

 One surefire way to market your yoga small business is to promote the practice of yoga itself to those who have never tried it. Raising awareness of the mental and physical health benefits of yoga to those who are new to it is a great way to promote your yoga business. Sure, not every single person who hears you shouting the yoga message from the rooftops will respond with interest, but some will.

A great way to do just that is to offer free trial introductory yoga classes to the public. Get the message out with promotional material via letterbox drops in the neighborhoods surrounding your yoga studio.

You can also promote your yoga business by attending local community events or renting a temporary promotional stall in your local shopping centre to raise the profile of your yoga business and the yoga instruction you offer. Learning how to market your yoga brand and position yourself as a yoga expert are crucial steps for growing your yoga practice. So give it a shot and see where you land with it!


Wherever you operate from in New Zealand, as you grow your yoga business you will also want to ensure its future by guarding against risks. A great way to do that is to invest in business insurance such as insurance for yoga teachers*. BizCover works with yoga instructors throughout New Zealand to help them secure their yoga insurance quickly and easily, without the drama. Get a quote for insurance for yoga teachers today.

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