E & O Insurance For Real Estate Agents

E & O Insurance For Real Estate Agents

Estate Agents

    • Instant Professional Indemnity insurance tailored specifically for your business
    • Opportunity to compare and select policies from NZ leading insurers
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Insurance for Real Estate Agents

... Insurance for real estate agents The types of business insurances for real estate agents are ... real estate business. Building* – Covers you for loss and damage to buildings you own, as a result of an insured event, e ...

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Understanding the risks for Real Estate Agents

... insurance in place as part of your overall risk management strategy. Still not convinced? Here are some of the risks real estate agents ... an associate (i.e a spouse, parent, sibling, child, organisation the agent is a part ...

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What is Public Liability Insurance?

... bit of cash by not purchasing the right amount of Public Liability insurance, or worse, didn't have any at all. If the ... working. Real Estate Agents - As well as Realtors and Mortgage Brokers. Real estate agents frequently ...

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What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

... not costing you an arm and a leg! What does Professional Indemnity insurance cover?* There's a lot that could go wrong when you' ... . Management Consultants Accountants & Tax Agents Real Estate Agents And many more! Even if ...

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4 Tips For Starting An Online Business

... in the world of e-commerce. From online platforms ... real estate agents , among many others. BizCover provides multiple quotes from some of New Zealand’s most trusted insurers across a range of small business insurance ...

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Help Protect your small business' reputation

... Insurance If your business provides a professional service or advice, such as an accountant, architect, real estate agent ... all the ways you use it from running an e-store, to processing payments to simple things like email ...

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What is Business Insurance

... various risks that businesses face. From dog groomers to personal trainers, IT specialists and real estate agents, Business Insurance provides coverage for many different types of small businesses. Why do I need Business ...

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... Hair & Beauty Services Handyman Allied Health Professionals Real Estate Agents #Bizsave Just like this small trades business, you too can save big on your business insurance. With our price promise we can help you ...

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What does business insurance cover

... Bakers Grocery stores Convivence stores Showrooms for tradie businesses Manufacturers Real estate agents If you feel unsure of the types of business insurance your business may need, jump online or give our friendly ...

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Insurance for Engineers

... may be a requirement that you have your own Public Liability insurance* cover in place. Be sure to also check the exact ... and never gave up…well done Paul G. Real Estate Agency Service Quick and easy to use service – ...

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Insurance by Industry

... Real Estate Agents Recruitment Consultants Retailer Shop Owners Tradesmen Travel Agents and Tour Operators Yoga Teachers Protect your business today. * * As with any insurance ... of our business insurance professionals. You ...

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Do I need Public Liability Insurance?

... as compensation and legal fees. Without having Public Liability insurance , your business is at risk of having to pay ... to our operating requirements. Kim (Mr) F. Real Estate Agency Service Early to know if the service is ...

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Digital Marketing Tips For Tradies

... news feed of Facebook both offer digital advertising real estate that tradie businesses can purchase. Maximise your ... not be relied upon as advice. As with any insurance, cover will be subject to the terms, conditions and ...

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How Tradies can use LinkedIn

... network with potential business partners such as real estate agents, builders, and architects. LinkedIn can be ... , don't forget the important role that business insurance can play for the future of your trade business ...

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Professional Indemnity

... consultants , accountants and real estate agents among many others. Professional ... find out how to get in touch with one of our business insurance professionals. Sales Team Enquiry 0800 249 268 Regular Hours: Mon – Fri ...

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Business Interruption Insurance

... often consider this type of insurance include: Shop Owners Retailers Cafés and Restaurants Tradespeople and Landscapers Real Estate Agents Cleaners Beauty Salons Mortgage Brokers Travel Agents and Tour Operators Business ...

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Referral Partners NZ

... Business Service Providers Commercial Real Estate Agents Simple Registration Provide us ... find out how to get in touch with one of our business insurance professionals. You can also access quick links to our self-service ...

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No Dramas

... Mortgage Brokers Painters Personal Trainers Plumbers Real Estate Agents Recruitment Consultants Retailer Tradesmen Travel Agents and Tour Operators Protect your business today. Insurance Options to Consider At BizCover ...

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Tool and Portable Equipment Insurance

... insurance can help provide so much needed protection for your expensive electronic IT equipment that gets lost or damaged. Real Estate Agents ... the years. Judy O. Quick and hassle free insurance cover for small businesses ...

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Insurance for Immigration Advisers

... buildings you own, as a result of an insured event, e.g., fire, malicious damage. Contents* -Cover for loss ... wording, anywhere in New Zealand. FAQs How much does insurance cost for immigration advisors? There isn't a one ...

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Insurance for Mortgage Brokers

... An approved Mortgage Broker must have at least $1 million of cover. Insurance for Mortgage Brokers As a Mortgage Broker, you face a number of unique ... advice) Breach of duty Defamation (i.e., libel or slander) Losing or ...

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Do I need Business Insurance

... kind of risk you need to think about when not having an insurance policy in place. The scale of the financial impact can range ... can happen so easily. There's also the real risk of causing damage to your customers property ...

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Business Insurance

... business needs whether you're a tradesperson, a tax agent or anything in between. From covering the cost of ... to check on coverage. How do I make a claim on my insurance policy? Need to make a claim? No dramas! We're here ...

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Insurance for Shop Owners

... various risks it faces - a tradesman or a tax agent, you can tailor a policy to suit your own ... why there isn't a stock-standard price of business insurance for shop owners. When calculating the price of your policy ...

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What does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

... illness or death caused by your negligence that is not covered by the ACC For some businesses, Public Liability insurance may be a requirement. For example for some tradies they may have to have a certain level of Public ...

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Insurance For Cafes and Restaurants

... a moment to treat yourself to that hard-earned coffee break. Insurance options for retailers https://www.bizcover.co.nz/insurance-options-for-retailers-bizcover/ Running a retail business is fast paced with plenty going ...

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Statutory Liability Insurance

... you need to keep in mind when getting your policies sorted. https://www.bizcover.co.nz/complete-guide-to-business-insurance/ 10 Ways to help protect your small business Let's face it, as a small business owner you are ...

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Insurance for IT Professionals

... to be fixed by another firm, as well as the resulting damage from the error. How do I make a claim on my insurance policy? Need to make a claim? Too easy! We're here to assist you through the process and get you back to ...

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Tradie Guide to Public Liability Insurance

... may be a mandatory requirement in order to obtain your trade licence. You may need to hold Public Liability insurance to access and perform trade work on certain building sites. If someone is injured as a result of your ...

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Insurance for Travel Agents and Tour Operators

... covered in minutes Why do Travel Agents and Tour Operators need Business Insurance? Your clients seek out your ... buildings you own, as a result of an insured event, e.g., fire, malicious damage. Contents* -Cover for loss ...

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How Cyber Insurance Protects Small Businesses

... 't hooded movie villains - they're real people doing real damage across the globe, especially in New ... return to service. Let's take a look at Cyber Liability insurance * and how it can help to protect your small business ...

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Employers Liability Insurance

... won't bore you with jargon We're not fans of complicated insurance speak, so we talk to you in plain English. If you want ... and friendly. Great service, thank you. Clare E. Thank you, I was quite reassured with your ...

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How Insurance Can Protect Landscape Architect

... from legal claims made against them for errors or omissions in their work. A real-life example of Professional Indemnity insurance in action Take this example of a landscape architect hired by a government agency to ...

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Insurance for Mechanics

... information like your client's vehicle and personal data online, runs the real risk of being compromised if a cyber attack were to occur. Cyber Liability insurance is there to provide a safeguard in the event you were a ...

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Insurance for Education Consultants

... injury and property damage Protect your business today. Public Liability insurance* Dealing with clients, suppliers and members of the public creates real opportunities for a claim to occur, something that Public ...

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What Insurance do Beauty Salons Need?

... if a claim is made. Your location Where your salon is located can also impact how much you'll pay for insurance. If you're in a neighbourhood with a high crime rate, wild weather, or prone to flooding, you should expect ...

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How Are Business Insurance Premiums Calculated?

... risk your business may be. Business location Where your business is located can affect the pricing of your business insurance premium. Some areas may be deemed a higher risk than others and this may be due to things like ...

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Insurance for Dog Walkers

... risks from hounding your small business and make it a walk in the park instead! Why do dog walkers need insurance? Running a small business is hard work, and a dog walker's job is no different! Every time you take ...

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Insurance for Designers

... when not covered by the ACC) could end up costing you more than an arm and a leg without Public Liability insurance in place. Even if you are out working at a client's site and cause damage to their property through your ...

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Insurance for Accountants & Tax Agents

... can help address. Professional Indemnity Accountants and Tax Agents require professional indemnity insurance to comply with professional association requirements (e.g. NZICA, CPA), professional standards legislation, or ...

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Insurance for Photographers

... equipment. This can include your camera gear (i.e., a professional camera, multiple lenses, tripod, and ... how to get in touch with one of our business insurance professionals. You can also access quick links to our self ...

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Insurance for Recruitment Consultants

... range of business activities Recruitment services e.g. placement of candidates, executive ... find out how to get in touch with one of our business insurance professionals. You can also access quick links to our self-service ...

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Insurance Options for Retailers

... store or a bakery, there is always the potential risk for things to go wrong. Having the appropriate retailers insurance in place to protect your retail store is a smart move when it comes to managing the risk of your ...

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How much does Public Liability Insurance cost?

... to around $80 on average. The most common level of cover amongst our New Zealand customer base for Public Liability insurance is $1 million, however there is the option to take out $2, $5, $10 or $20 million worth of ...

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Insurance for Bookkeepers

... We know you are always busy helping your clients, therefore we made it easy for you to arrange your business insurance - just a few clicks and one phone call, you have your policy documents emailed to your inbox. Did you ...

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What does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

... of accidents could occur, and what could be the potential cost of a claim? How do I make a claim on my insurance policy? Need to make a claim? No dramas! We're here to assist you through the process and get you back to ...

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Insurance for Allied Health Professionals

... our Contact Us page, where you can find out how to get in touch with one of our business insurance professionals. You can also access quick links to our self-service portal, where you can download your Certificate of ...

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Insurance for Cleaners

... due to your cleaning business activities is a real risk your business may be faced with There ... history. To receive an accurate idea of how much business insurance will cost for your cleaning business click here to get a ...

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Insurance for Plumbers

... . These are real life risks plumbers are faced with every day. Business insurance for plumbers is ... K. Management Consulting Service That was easy and fast. Karen E. It was quick and simple to get this tedious job done ...

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Cyber Insurance - Is it worth it?

... to break down the security of other businesses. (i.e. get into the systems of other businesses). They are ... policy.This is where Cyber Liability insurance provides cover. Cybercrime is a real threat. Make sure you have the ...

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Insurance for Personal Trainers

... comes to making sure you have the right business insurance in place. Let the energetic team at BizCover do ... easy to navigate which is important to me. Annette O. Massage Therapy Service Really good and efficient Sarah P. ...

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Introducing Work From Home Insurance

... have already given feedback. Really easy and have referred several colleagues to you over the years. Judy O. Quick and hassle free insurance cover for small businesses. Kelvin C. What more could you ask for - easy to use ...

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Insurance for Hairdressers

... business activities to a third party It may also be a requirement to have certain kinds of business insurance in place as part of your rental agreement e.g., Public Liability or Glass cover. FAQ's How much does business ...

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    Janette Wallbutton
    Real Estate

  • Real easy to renew your cover and they email you a reminder.

    Joseph Caldwell
    Information Technology

  • A real person promptly answered my phone call - no redirection / no music while holding!! Quick and efficient answers to my questions.

    Astrid Herbert
    Trades & Services

  • Awesome experience. Talking to a real person that had a pleasant persona. Was just so easy and I think it was Aaron?? was great to deal with. Gave us some discount as we are recognised as an existing client which is always a good feel thing and also that

    Pete Halligan
    Trades & Services

  • I did fill this in before - don't know what happened to it. I thought the on-line service was good. The real proof about the value of any insurance product though is what happens when you have to claim!

    Alison McDonald
    Consultancy Occupations

Why do Real Estate Agents need it?

No matter how much pride and care you may take in your role as a real estate agent, there is always that exposure to some element of risk. The real estate world is competitive, and you’ve worked hard to build your business and its reputation, the last thing you want is a claim to send it all crashing down.

These are some of the reasons why, as a real estate agent you may need to consider business insurance:

  • To join certain industry boards and become a member, you may be required to hold a certain level of Professional Indemnity insurance*
  • Giving advice you your clients about property and estates could land you in hot water if things don’t follow the expected blueprint!
  • If a client, member of the public or another third-party was to slip, trip or fall for example on your business premises you may be held liable for any injuries caused (when not covered by the ACC)- this is where Public Liability insurance* can help
  • When you’re out on the road visiting and showing clients around, it is important you have some protection in place for things like your laptop, mobile phones etc with Portable Equipment cover*

Did you Know?

Real estate agents providing incorrect or misleading information topped the consumer complaints and inquiries to the Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA).

Insurance for Real Estate Agents

Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity insurance is designed to protect your business against legal claims and costs by third parties for damage arising from acts, error, omissions, and breaches in your professional duty. This may include the sale of real estate, poor property management, allegations of misleading or misrepresentation or a breach of statutory rules.

What is covered?

  • Damages and claimant costs awarded against the insured
  • Legal and defence costs
  • Claims investigation costs
  • Inquiry attendance costs
  • Public relations costs

What is NOT covered?

  • Intentional damage
  • Known claims and circumstances
  • Fraud and dishonesty
  • Bodily injury / property damage

Public Liability

This insurance is an essential component of any business’ insurances. It covers your liability to third parties for any property damage and or injury or death arising out of your work where ACC does not respond. Typical claims for Real Estate Agents might include leaving a property unlocked and a theft occurs or by causing damages to a property or its contents during an open home. It is relatively cheap cover for the amount of protection afforded.

What is covered?

  • Compensation for accidental damage to third party property
  • Compensation for personal injury or death to third parties where the ACC does not provide cover
  • Legal and defence costs

What is typically NOT covered?

  • Injury to your employees
  • Damage to your own property
  • Compensation for personal injury whereby cover is provided by the ACC
  • Known claims and circumstances

Protect your business today.

Business Insurance

While your clients are essential to your real estate business, take a moment to think about the other elements that help you close the deal. There are things like the bricks and mortar of your real estate premises (if you own it), your office furniture and equipment, and your vital sales tools like your phone, tablet, laptop etc.

Without them, doing business would be next to impossible, and that’s why it’s important to have some forms of protection in place if an unpredictable challenge were to disrupt your business activities.

Business Insurance is an insurance package designed to provide cover for your business contents, stock, tools and commercial premises when an insured event occurs (such as fire, storm, theft or even accidental damage). A Business Insurance policy can also cover your portable equipment, and loss of revenue due to business interruption in specified circumstances.

Let’s take a look at these different types of coverages and how they can help your real estate business.

Building*– Covers you for loss and damage to buildings you own, as a result of an insured event, e.g., fire, malicious damage.

Contents*-Cover for loss of or damage to items such as business equipment, stock, plant and machinery, records, fixtures and fittings and furniture belonging to you at the insured location.

Business Interruption*– Business interruption insurance provides cover for the loss of income and increased costs of operating your business caused by a specified insured event (such as property damage or fire). It is also designed to assist your business to recover from an insured event by paying ongoing expenses (such as wages or rent).

Portable Equipment cover*– Covers you for loss and damage to your tools and equipment due to theft, fire and other perils listed in the wording, anywhere in New Zealand.

Cyber Liability

Working as a real estate agent, you will have sensitive and important documentation that you will need to protect from data breaches and other malicious cyber threats. In such an event, cyber insurance can help cover your business in the event of:

• Forensic investigation costs
• Data restoration costs
• Security failure claims
• Public relation costs
• Cyber-extortion costs
• Fines, penalties, and loss due to defamation
• Privacy and intellectual property claims
• Identity theft
• Ransom and extortion

Statutory Liability

With the ever-changing statutory landscape for the Real Estate industry, it is becoming more and more crucial for Real Estate Agents to have protection for any inadvertent breaches of New Zealand statutes. This will cover legal defence costs as well as, in some cases, cover for fines incurred.

Want to know more?

Get your fix on all things business and insurance with our blogs. Perfect reading for in between open houses and inspections!

Understanding insurance-part 2: Professional Indemnity insurance


Ever wanted to understand the nitty gritty of Professional Indemnity insurance? This simple guide breaks down some of the key facts and information, jargon free.

* This information is a general guide only and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. As with any insurance, cover will be subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy wording. The information contained on this web page is general only and should not be relied upon as advice.

The provision of the claims examples are for illustrative purposes only and should not be seen as an indication as to how any potential claim will be assessed or accepted. Cover for a claim will depend on the specific circumstances around the loss and would be subject to the terms and conditions of the policy concerned.

Need Help?

Visit our Contact Us page, where you can find out how to get in touch with one of our business insurance professionals. 

You can also access quick links to our self-service portal, where you can download your Certificate of Currency, update your payment details, amend your cover and download your policy documents. 


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