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Why do Plumbers need it?

Sorting out your business insurance doesn’t need to be a drain. At BizCover we take the high-pressure out of arranging your insurance by providing competitive online quotes from leading insurers for you to choose from.  Take the plunge today!

Did you know?

As a contracted plumber or member of a plumber’s association you may be required to hold a minimum level of Public Liability insurance.

Insurance for Plumbers

Public Liability

Don’t risk letting an expensive claim for property damage flush your business away by not having Public Liability insurance.

As a plumber it is a vital form of cover that protects you and your business against claims which arise from third party property damage and personal injury (not covered by the ACC) as a result of your business activities. It covers your legal and defence costs, as well as compensation awarded to the claimant.

Even for a master plumber, things can turn murky very quickly – even a simple mishap, like accidentally cracking a pipe, can spell trouble if it floods your clients’ home and causes extensive and expensive damage to their property.

Business Insurance

As a plumber your tools are your livelihood and the value of these items, like hammers, electric eels, tube cutters, and your toolbox adds up quickly, and are most likely worth a mint.

Fortunately, when a spanner gets thrown in the works, Portable Equipment cover can deliver peace of mind making sure you’re not left in the lurch if your tools are lost, damaged or stolen. Happy days.