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BizGiver Grant, Make a $2000 Wish For Your Small Business

The BizGiver Grant is our way of giving back to the small business community who fuel our economy. Now is the time for Small Business to shine! Every second season BizCover will grant the wish of one small business owner to help spark a new revenue stream or just make life a little easier.

We’re constantly blown away by the dedication, sacrifice and commitment these unsung heroes’ put into their work and the BizGiver Grant program aims to remove some of the simple barriers to growth that business owners face every day.

Key Entry Criteria

You must be a Small Business.

This means 20 or less employees. If you’re a one man band that’s also perfect.


You must have a valid NZ Company Number.

This is to make sure that you are an actual business. If you have a venture that hasn’t quite started we ask that you wait until you’ve gotten a NZ Company Number.

Wish for an item or service.

All wishes need to be for an actual product or service – anything that would help your business. We cannot give away cash.

Wish away!

While we only award one wish to the value of up to $2000, you can enter as many times as you’d like!

Some of Our Previous Winners

Wellington-based new kids on the building block JAW Maintenance, were off to a winning start after receiving the $2000 BizGiver Grant. The grant went towards a trailer which allowed them to take on bigger jobs, something which is now a bright reality for this thriving small business.

Auckland-based yoga studio, Yoga Within, was the first recipient of the BizGiver grant. Winning it allowed the business to expand their class offerings by purchasing some much needed equipment. This gave Yoga Within a healthy kick-start, so it could reach the greater heights the owner hoped for.


Click on the MAKE A WISH button at the top of the page.

Make your business wish in 250 words or less and complete the form.

All wishes must be for a tangible item or service to benefit your business.

At the end of each entry period, BizCover will choose finalists

The Winner will be determined by voting on our Facebook Page.

Share the love by telling your friends to make a wish.


All wishes need to be for an actual product or service eg fitness equipment, laser machine, SEO consulting etc – anything that would help your business. We cannot give away cash.
The recommended retail price for the product or service you wish for cannot exceed $2,000.

Only one wish per business will be granted and you can submit as many wishes as you like.

Businesses must have a valid NZ Company Number to be eligible to enter and be granted a wish.

1 wish will be granted every second season and it could be yours.