Work-life Balance Tips For Contractors With Families!

Creating a good work-life balance can be a challenge for many small business owners. As a contractor, you might feel this struggle even more. Contract work is often up and down—one minute, you’re drowning in work, and the next, you’re struggling to find clients. You might feel like work is always on your mind, even when you’re with your family.

So how can a busy contractor create more quality family time? Here are five work-life balance tips for contractors with families.

1. Embrace planning

Planning can be an excellent tool for maximising your family time. It helps you avoid last-minute rushes and forgetting important events or tasks. It also helps the entire family understand what’s going on each day of the week.

Consider setting aside time at the beginning of the month or each week to plan out everyone’s schedules. Think about what events are coming up (like work travel, appointments, or birthdays) and the tasks required to prepare for them. Be realistic with your time—overscheduling yourself at work or home may lead to burnout.

Of course, things may not always go to plan. People get sick, things pop up, and plans get cancelled. However, planning puts you in a better position to adjust your schedule and roll with the changes.

2. Prioritise family time

You put your all into your work, but are you doing the same at home? If your mind is still on the job while you’re with your family, they’ll probably notice. You might also find it hard to appreciate your family time and completely relax.

When you step away from work, try to distance yourself both physically and mentally. This may be a challenge, especially since many independent contractors work from home. However, do your best to be fully present when you’re with your family. It may help to leave the house, even if you’re just walking to the park.

3. Use tech wisely

Like many parents, you might be trying to get your kids away from their screens (and maybe even use them less yourself). However, technology could assist family time if it’s used wisely. For example, video calls could help you connect with your partner and kids while you’re on a business trip.

Families can also find time to bond around technology. Movie nights are an old favourite, and many parents play video or online games with their kids. While you may still limit the amount of time your family uses screens, the time they do spend with them can become more family-oriented.

4. Outsource tasks

If your days seem too short, it might be time to call in some help. Many contractors outsource common business admin tasks. This can help you free up more time to spend with your family and ensure that your small business is being run efficiently.

Contractors often hire other independent contractors to run areas of their business that are outside of their expertise. This may include bookkeeping and accounting, marketing, or customer service. What might take you several hours to complete might only take a professional an hour!

Outsourcing tasks can help you free up time at home, too. Online grocery delivery or meal kits could make shopping and cooking faster. Having a cleaner come once a fortnight could allow you extra family time that would otherwise be spent cleaning. A handyman might be able to cross several home maintenance tasks off your list in just a couple of hours!

5. Include the kids

Instead of outsourcing tasks to an outsider, you might consider getting your kids to help. Cooking and cleaning together can count as quality time. You may find it easy to start conversations while folding laundry, doing dishes, or cutting vegetables.

Chores are also learning experiences for children. Tasks like grocery shopping or visiting the post office could help them develop life skills and build confidence. These moments can become treasured memories of how mum or dad taught them something new!

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