How To Market Your Contracting Business In Construction

Marketing is an important part of running a business in the construction industry. It helps you find new customers, book jobs, and keep the lights on. But when you’re so busy with contracting work, it might be the last thing on your mind.

However, leaving your marketing strategy on the back burner is a no-no in construction. A good marketing plan could help you overcome many of the industry’s unique challenges—from seasonal downturns to tough competition.

If you’re not a marketing genius, don’t worry! We’ve got five tips for helping you market your contracting business in construction.

1. Know your customers

Understanding who might hire you is an essential part of marketing any contracting business. Homeowners looking for a residential construction contractor are different from business owners needing commercial construction work. They likely look for contractors in different places and may respond to different ads.

Before you begin marketing your business, take some time to research your ideal customer. What services do they need? Where do they spend time online? What publications do they read? You might also research your competition—the services they provide, how they advertise, and what they charge.

2. Make it easy to contact you

If it’s too hard to get in touch with you, potential customers will probably contact a competitor instead. Your contact details—phone number, email, and website—should be available in many places. Take some time to update your Google Business and other online directory listings, website, and social media accounts to ensure your contact details are there (and correct!).

Answering the phone or replying to messages is the second half of this step. Customers expect to hear back in a timely manner and may move on to the next company if they don’t hear back within a day. Independent contractors sometimes hire part-time or freelance help to respond to customer enquiries. If you already have office employees, make sure they understand the importance of replying as soon as possible.

3. Build your brand online

The internet has transformed businesses, including those in the construction industry. No matter what contracting services you provide, potential customers will probably look for you online. Building your brand online may very well be essential to growing your business.

A website is an essential part of building your online brand. This is your space to showcase your work and expertise exactly how you want to. Social media can also be a great way to connect with potential customers and provide examples of your contracting work.

4. Consider visual content

To paraphrase the old saying, a picture might be worth a thousand clients! Visual content, both images and videos, is a growing part of web design and social media. They’re also essential in the construction industry, where before and after examples often win over customers.

High-quality visual content may be necessary for your website and some social media posts. You might consider hiring a freelance photographer or videographer to help you present a project in the best light.

5. Ask for testimonials and reviews

Having happy customers talk up your contracting business is a great way to build customer trust. Reviews are crucial in the construction industry and are likely one of the first things potential clients and customers look for. Putting your best foot forward in this area may be vital to your success!

There are several places where you might post or encourage reviews. Testimonials are best placed on your website. Customers often look for reviews on a business’ Google profile. You might also direct clients to leave reviews on another site, such as Angie’s List or Yelp.

Managing customer reviews is important. You not only need to ask customers for them, but you may need to respond to negative ones as well. Clients might not mind seeing a few poor reviews if you’ve replied helpfully and professionally.

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