Plan Your Small Business Marketing For The 2022 Holiday Season!

As the final quarter of the year is coming up, it might be the best time to start planning how you can market your business. The holiday season is one of the the busiest times for small businesses, so ensuring you are prepared and organised before then might make running your operations, sales and services easy. Whether you are promoting your products or services, you’ll want to get a head start for the end of 2022 and have the best season yet.

Here are some helpful tips that you may want to implement into your marketing strategy in time for the holiday season:

Mark your calendars

Making a note of the important promotional dates such as Black Friday, Christmas, or Boxing day, to name a few, you may want to consider having special sales for your current customers, or even some to make new ones. You may also make your deals last a week rather than a couple of days to ensure your customers are not missing out.

Being aware of promotional periods from other businesses in the market might allow you to compete for your sales with theirs and enable you to organise your stock beforehand. This may also be helpful to consider how busy delivery couriers be, so leave some extra time for handling orders and shipping.

It may be vital to consider this to start setting up email marketing and ads to promote to your consumers and how they can keep up-to-date with other sales in future, such as subscribing through texts, emails, and watching out for social media announcements.

Offer Free Shipping

Discount codes and promotional sales have been a popular marketing trick, but offering free shipping might just be the next move you may take this year. If your small business sells products online, offering free delivery might entice your customers even more.

Whether local or international, offering free delivery might be attractive to your customers, especially when they start purchasing for friends and family in time for Christmas, making it easy to bundle multiple products in one order. The more, the merrier!

Get into the holiday spirit

Offers and promotions might be one strategy you take, but you may also want to change your business branding into a holiday-themed one. From adding stickers into your EDMs, making Christmas-themed content on your socials, or adding a little extra flair to your landing pages, your customers may just love your business more. Switching up your social media content could be a fun way to get your followers excited with engaging content that might invite them to submit photos, videos, or even your ideas on keeping your business related to a few Christmas trends.

Other than your online marketing, you might also want to change your packaging, thank you cards, or even add a little extra gift for your customers to show a little appreciation for them. Reposting customer photos, stories and reviews during this time might also be extra brownie points!

Run a competition

Competitions are fun, so when they are held during the holiday season, many may be enticed to enter and get excited to win some prizes. Running a competition could be done in a number of creative ways for your customers to go in the draw, such as:

  • Submitting a video of themselves using your product
  • Submitting a trending dance video
  • Using your logo or hashtag in a creative way
  • Writing a review of one of your products/services
  • Sharing your content on social media and tagging their friends

Whether you want to run a competition, you might also want to consider collaborating with other small local businesses to create a big prize and have their customers get to know your business from entering the comp. Combining your business with another might help you make new connections and customers and grab inspiration for future projects. You may also see how these other brands engage with their audiences.

When running a small business, you wear many hats that could lead to a range of risks, so considering small business insurance may be your next step to protect and cover your business from any unwanted situations. Keep your company running smoothly this holiday season without worrying about the negative scenarios that could end up closing your business. Get a piece of mind with this extra level of coverage to prepare yourself as a business owner. Visit BizCover NZ today to compare multiple quotes online in just minutes and get your business ready for the last few months of 2022!

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