Managing the work-life balance see-saw: Secret tips for small business owners.

Owning your small business can feel a bit like a balancing act with the everyday responsibilities of running the show, whilst trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, looking after family, and commitment to hobbies – the list goes on! And unfortunately, it is often our lifestyles which take the back burner.

There’s no time like the present to take the time to make sure that the see-saw of work/life balance is in harmony. Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can avoid running the risk of a burnout, while still managing a successful small business.

Get that body moving

Time is precious, and as much as we may have all the good intentions to go to the gym regularly, sometimes this is just not an option. Fear not! If you’re struggling to get that heart beating before that 2 pm meeting, there are a few little things which you can do to keep your body active throughout the day.

  • Go outside- If you’re near a park go for a walk, give your eyes a break from the computer screen and start filling those lungs with fresh air. Even if it’s just for 10minutes, the break outside will do you a world of good.
  • Go the extra mile-If you commute to work, why not get off one stop earlier and walk the rest? Every extra step helps.

Switch off

As a small business owner, chances are you are never without your mobile phone and more than well acquainted with that glowing neon screen at all hours of the day. Whether it’s being on the phone with clients or staff, scheduling social media posts, paying bills or ordering an Uber, it’s hard to imagine getting through the day without it! But there comes a time when we need to switch off, both the phone and the mind.

Having access to emails and contacts at the switch of a button is like having a 24/7 workspace in the palm of your hand, making it next to impossible not to be connected. Many small business owners give themselves a cut-off time to stop reading emails, making/taking calls and to step away from the screen. Try to find the same time each day where you are without your phone and can be completely disconnected. During this time why not read a book, catch up with a friend, play with the kids or your pet.

Set up your space

Your workspace is literally your home away from home, or in some cases may even be located within your home! This space needs to be somewhere that you want to actually be and work in, and by taking the time to create into an attractive and inviting area, you may find those Monday mornings a little less painful!

  • Inspire yourself. Put up photos of the things that motivate and inspire you, be it happy snaps with family and friends or maybe a postcard of that tropical beach where you enjoyed a few too many hours in the sun.
  • Keep it tidy. A clean space is much more inviting and productive to operate in. By keeping things organised and in the right place you will automatically stress-less knowing exactly where to find that important file or invoice.
  • Light and sound. Make your space more productive with the use of natural light within the room.

Get some assistance

Get with the times by getting the support of a digital assistant to help manage those day to day tasks and to keep your day organised, without the expense of hiring an actual real-life assistant. While they may not be able to greet clients and make you a coffee, digital assistants can take a load off your day by setting reminders and scheduling those important tasks, like reminding you when is your insurance up for renewal again.
Intrigued? These are some of the impressive capabilities these devices can perform:

  • Get directions – reduce your chances of running late for an appointment again
  • Schedule your day and receive reminders for when meetings and tasks are due
  • Synchronise with apps- you can sync a wide variety of apps to speak to the assistant and manage workflows
  • Set the mood right by setting the thermostat, lighting and sounds of a workspace

Why did I do this again?

Take the time to reflect on why you got into business in the first place.

What was it that drove that passion and led you to steer the ship? Reflecting on this can bring renewed motivation, a time to revise your goals and realign in some areas which might be unbalanced.

Sometimes we get so busy that we don’t have the time to sit down and think back to that initial spark that started it all. This is a really valuable activity, not just for your business’ wellbeing but also your own.

Time for a check-up

As they say, prevention is better than cure! Taking care of your health through a combination of regular check-ups and keeping an eye on your overall health can help keep you fighting fit. Make sure you make the time to book those appointments and stick to them! Need a reminder? Here are some of the important ones to remember:

  • Dental
  • Skin cancer check
  • Optometrist
  • Regular doctor

Of course, you can’t change everything all of a sudden. Don’t try to action everything at the same time, pick one and start taking small steps so you can avoid running the risk of a burnout, while still managing a successful small business.

This is general advice only.

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