How to Grow Your Mechanic Business 

Let’s face it, the aim of any small business is to grow its customer base, ultimately generating more business. So when it comes to driving traffic to your mechanic business, we’re here to give you a roadmap of tips and tools on how you can grow your mechanic business. 

Set up a webpage 

Setting up a webpage is one of the vital steps to ensuring your business has an online presence, and that customers can connect and find you online. Your webpage doesn’t have to be anything too fancy, but it needs to provide the functionality to allow for people to: 

  • Find your business name 
  • Location 
  • Hours of operation 
  • The services you provide 
  • The story of your business 
  • Anything your business specialises in 
  • Booking system  
  • Payment system 

A website is also important for not only attracting new customers but for maintaining existing ones. Having features that make it easy for customers to book their next service online, make payments, email and ask questions makes your mechanic shop easy to do business with.  

A website is just one platform for customers to interact with your business, learn about it, connect and in return helps to grow your mechanic business. 

Make your mechanic business social  

Connecting to social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and even YouTube (time to get handy with a camera!) are important ways to promote and grow your mechanic business. People are constantly searching for things online and social media is a great way to interact with potential and existing customers. 

It also gives your customers an opportunity to share any pictures, stories and interactions which they might have had with your business. This builds awareness to new customers and more importantly people who are usually are key, target demographic. 

A key to growing your business is consistency. Posting regularly and not just once a month means you are getting your brand out there and noticed without too much effort. 

Word of mouth…with a smile 

People are quick to talk about their experiences especially when it comes to a service provided that may be exceptional or on the other end of the scale and completely awful. Keeping a high level of service across all aspects of your mechanic business creates an all-round positive experience for your customers. 

It’s getting things right like making sure you have the correct phone number and opening hours promoted on your website/ social media are accurate. Getting back to customers with their questions, being approachable if they have concerns about their vehicle and providing that high-quality customer service.  

By providing genuine great customer service people are going to recommend and suggest your business to their family and friends. People listen to the advice of those that they respect and trust, and without needing to spend any budget on promoting your business, word of mouth is a cost effective way to grow your business. 

Automated reminder messages 

There are many types of automated messaging services available these days which can help you to stay connected with your customers. Sending out automated reminders for things like upcoming services, quotes done and routine checks (like those required for registration) help to eliminate no-shows by steering business through your door. 

The other benefit of these systems is that they speak to other customer relationship management tools like your calendars, so you get create an integrated and organised system to care for your customers. 

Get some Google Ads up and running  

Putting some dollars behind Google Ads is one way to use your marketing budget to grow your mechanic business. It brings increased awareness to your business, by getting in front of your ideal audience and bringing awareness of your brand. 

If you don’t feel comfortable creating and running your own Google Ads, fear not. There are plenty of digital marketing specialist out there who are able to create, set up and manage your ads for you. This is one less thing you need to worry about and a strong investment for increasing business growth. 

Growing your business is exciting. That’s why it is also important to ensure you have the appropriate levels of  mechanic business insurance in place to protect your business*. From Public Liability insurance* to getting your tools covers, insurance for mechanics is there for when you need it most. 

Visit bizcover.co.nz and get trade insurance for your trade business without drama and get on with your day. If you’d prefer to pick up the phone and chat you can find us at 0800 249 268. 

*This information is general only and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. It should not be relied upon as advice. As with any insurance, cover will be subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy wording. © 2023 BizCover Limited.  

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