Do Dog Walkers Need Insurance?

We Kiwis love our pets! Nearly 35% of New Zealanders have a dog, according to a recent report published by Companion Animals NZ. That’s a lot of potential clients for your dog walking business.

But a booming business could also open you up to greater risk. You might consider ways to help protect yourself against accidents and other mishaps, including dog walking insurance.

When you’re first starting out, dog walking liability insurance might seem like an unnecessary expense. However, you could end up paying much more without it. Here are three key factors you may want to consider when deciding if you need dog walking insurance.

Handling unhappy owners

As much as we love our playful pooches, pet insurance is not that popular here. Research by Canstar found that less than 10% of all NZ pet owners have a policy.

So, what does this mean for dog walkers? If a dog under your care is injured or becomes seriously ill, their owners might expect you to cover vet bills or other related costs. This could get expensive fast, draining your bank accounts and potentially forcing you to pack away the leash.

That’s where dog walking liability insurance comes into play. A Public Liability policy could help you cover third-party injury claims, as well as allegations of property damage. Since you walk dogs in community spaces, Public Liability insurance would also help you handle claims coming from the public.

Leading the pack

Like many jobs, dog walking can be competitive. Busy pet owners may be willing to pay a premium to make sure their canine is well taken care of. But you’ll likely be competing with plenty of other walkers for that privilege!

Setting yourself apart in a crowded market is essential to any small business, including yours. Dog walking insurance could help establish you as the leader of the pack.

Dog walking liability insurance shows you are responsible and professional. It can signal to a potential client that you take your job and their pet’s wellbeing seriously. You’re prepared to set things right if they go wrong and might be a better choice than a dog walker who is not insured.

Giving yourself peace of mind

There’s more to running a dog walking business than just playing with doggos! You already have a lot on your mind, from scheduling walks and invoicing clients to balancing your books and prepping your tax return. The last thing you need to worry about is the fallout from a simple accident.

Dog walking insurance could help give you important peace of mind as you go about your day-to-day. A Public Liability policy takes much of the stress out of an injury or property damage claim from a client or the public. That’s one less thing to worry about!

A quick review

Public Liability insurance (also known as dog walking insurance or dog walking liability insurance) is one way to help shield your business against third-party claims that your negligent business activities caused them property damage or personal injury (not covered by the ACC), including defence costs cover.

It can also help you earn new clients by showcasing your professionalism and dedication to your business, pet owners, and their canine companions.

Finally, dog walking insurance helps take some of the worry out of running a small business. It gives you one less thing to worry about, so you can focus on what really matters.

Protect your dog walking business

As a pet professional, you may consider dog walking liability insurance to protect your growing small business. Rather than reaching deep into your own pocket if a claim or lawsuit is brought against your business, your Public Liability policy can help foot the bill for you. Now running your business is truly a walk in the park!

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