Tear and Share: Our customers get even with their old insurance policies

We recently launched a campaign that showed how small business owners really feel about their expensive, archaic policies… and encouraged them to get them out of their system!

The campaign features small business owners who were previously victims of their old policies, that have decided to take revenge using tools of their trade, to shred their old policy.

Dave, our resident tradie, showed no mercy when he subjected his old public liability policy to his bandsaw.

Jill, the café owner, gave the fruit and veg a break and instead blended up an old policy smoothie – unsurprisingly, it didn’t taste great.

Finally, we found Kate, the business consultant, known for her no-nonsense approach in getting the job done, who simply slotted her old and expensive policy right into the shredder – making sure to recycle it afterwards, of course.

Inspired by Dave, Kate and Jill’s creativity, we sought out our own customers in the hopes they could deliver even more imaginative ways of getting their old policy out of their system.

Needless to say, they did not disappoint.

First up is Pat, from Land and Sea Health and Safety Systems, who – in a very dramatic fashion – said she’d throw her old policy into the log burner, all the while sipping on a cabernet sauvignon as she enjoys the show. Pour us a glass too, Pat.

Luisa, the owner of Whimserie, was very environmentally conscious in her approach, suggesting she throw it in a blender and use the remains to create her own bespoke, artisan and sustainable business cards., You’re making the world greener, Luisa!

Mick, from Papatowai Freedom Kayak Hire, isn’t taking crap from his old policy anymore – literally. He thought the best way to get his old policy out of his system would be by offering it up to the freedom campers as spare toilet paper. Don’t forget to flush.

Haylee, from Accountabill Limited, may have seen one too many action movies as she suggested tying it to the back of her car and racing it around the block, until finally glancing in the rear-view mirror, seeing it in shreds. Too fast and too furious at how much you were paying on your old policy, Haylee?

Finally, we have Andre, owner of Zero Air Coatings – who seems to have been scheming his old policy’s demise for a while now, with what is a very elaborate plan.

Andre’s first order of business would be to lock it in a room with his ex-wife who would then, and we quote, “spend 5 hours lecturing it on its many flaws and generally criticise it.” After that ordeal Andre still wouldn’t be done with it, saying he’d then treat it to the company of his parents. His lovely 83-year-old mother would give it a good old fashioned Samoan hiding with her trusty broom, as his father subjects it to a lengthy bible study. Some might take Andre is taking it a bit too far, yet we can’t help but be appreciative of the creativity behind the way he’d say RIP to his old policy.

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