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Provo Plastering Limited wins the 4th BizGiver Competition

Based out of the town of Taupo in the North Island, is Provo Plastering Limited.

For 2 and a half years now, Helen and her husband Jonathan have been running their own GIB stopping and plastering business out of their home. The decision to take the plunge and work for themselves stemmed from wanting to enjoy a bit more work/life balance after having 3 children. Jonathan also already had over 12 years of experience in the plastering industry, so they decided to give it a crack.

They entered the BizGiver competition with the hopes of winning and being able to get a very expensive tool – the Columbia Automatic Taper – something they desperately needed to help them complete jobs more efficiently but at the time did not have the capacity to purchase it.

We asked Helen and Jonathan what they love about being a small business owner. For them it was simple, they love the people they meet and work with, and are thankful they work in such a great community with lots of support.

Where do they see see Provo Plastering in 5 years’ time? In addition to the apprentice they’ve recently taken on, Helen and Jonathan hope they’ll have a few more people to join the team.

All small businesses face their fair share of obstacles to overcome, Provo Plastering is no exception. The challenges their business faces vary, but the looming threat of competition is always in the back of their mind. However, the hardest part, Helen and Jonathan say, was getting their name out there – something which they got a bit lucky with, as a builder they knew took them on as his main plasterer.

Their biggest achievement as a business is how word-of-mouth has helped them grow their business. According to Helen and Jonathan, they went from doing “lots of small renovation jobs”, but after being continuously recommended by clients, and the word of the quality of their work spreading, they secured jobs for big new builds and now currently find themselves working on a huge 3-level 600+ square metre hunting/fishing/skiing lodge. “To be chosen for these big jobs has got to be our biggest achievement – that and having 3 kids under 4 years old while running this business.”

Congratulations again Provo Plastering Limited!

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