New Plymouth Physio Pilates Wins BizGiver Grant!

At BizCover we seek to recognise and reward small businesses owners who go above and beyond for their customers. For physiotherapist Emma, her clients and the services she provides are her number one priority.   

The $2000 BizGiver grant is awarded each quarter to better the lives of small business owners and facilitate growth through a product or service. Our latest round of BizGiver New Zealand received nearly 100 entries, making it highly difficult to select a winner. During our selection process, we provide a space for small business owners to share their story and tell us how they plan to use the grant. At BizCover, we take this grant seriously. We share all the finalists’ stories with our staff and invite everyone to vote for who they think should receive the grant.  

Congratulations to Emma Salmon from New Plymouth Physio Pilates for being the most recent recipient of the BizGiver grant. Emma has had Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance with BizCover since she started her small business in May 2021. We are proud to support Emma through her journey!    

We interviewed Emma about her passion for physio and the significance of her wish. Here is her story.   


Why did you start your business?  

I opened my business because I wanted to motivate and inspire my clients to comply with their rehab, so they can get back to doing the things they love. One of the most frustrating parts of physiotherapy is that not everyone finishes their rehab and therefore they are unable to return to everyday living, which can be completely avoidable. I wanted to provide a business that has great pathways to ongoing rehabilitation.  

Why did you enter the BizGiver competition? Why did you wish for your particular wish?  

I started my business in May 2021 and had just added a physio clinic room when I applied for the BizGiver grant. I needed to purchase a treatment table which is quite an expense. Winning the prize will help me improve the services on offer to my clients.  

What does being a small business owner mean to you? 

Being a small business owner gives me the flexibility to have a young family. It also allows me to be more creative with physiotherapy and gives me the ability to make it more accessible and motivating for people. It isn’t without its challenges, especially opening a business during COVID and the resulting setbacks that we have faced. But it’s also given us time to really bring together some great plans for our business moving forward. 

Why do you love your job?  

I love my work because I get to see people overcome their injuries and thrive. The opportunity to help people get back to doing what they love doing is why I do my job. 

Where do you see your business in 5 years’ time? What are your growth goals?  

In five years’ time I’m hoping to have a couple more physiotherapists on board so that I can expand my business and offer more movement-based classes. This will help people commit to rehab and make it more fun to do so.  

What are the biggest challenges your business faces? Will winning the prize help?  

COVID is continuing to be a big hurdle for us and will likely be for quite some time. Being primarily a close contact profession, it has been hard to have consistency this year. As a small start-up business, we have had a lot of up-front costs, so this prize will help us to achieve our goals.  

What have been your biggest achievements?  

My biggest achievements are my kids, getting my Physio degree and starting this small business. I started this business in the basement of my home, and we have progressed into a bigger space where we can now offer Physio and Movement classes.  

Please visit this website to learn more: www.physiopilatesnp.co.nz 


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