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Why do Hairdressers need it?

It is your business to make heads turn – and ours to ensure you do! Every business comes with its own set of risks and liabilities and it is no different with hairdressing.

Hairdressers can offer a range of services, from haircutting, colouring, styling to skin care, spray tanning, laser hair removal and other cosmetic services.

While every hairdressing professional seeks to provide the most competent services, sometimes things can go wrong.

Some of the risks and liabilities include injury to a customer, supplier or member of the public, or damage to their property, as well as damage to your own property caused by unexpected events and theft of cash or assets among others. Whether you are a freelance hairdresser or own a hairdressing salon, you will need tailored insurance products to cover specific risks.

Did you know?

Adverse reactions to hair products and treatments are some of the most common forms of cited complaints against hairdressers.

Insurance for Hairdressers

At BizCover, we offer an extensive range of insurance products to cover many types of risks and liabilities, meaning that you can focus on running your business without the worries of what could happen if an unexpected event strikes.

So, whether you have your own shop-front salon, operate a home-based business or offer a mobile service to your clients, we can tailor a policy to suit your needs.

Public Liability*

If you are in business you have a potential liability exposure arising out of the operation of your business. A Public Liability policy will cover third party property damage and or injury that might not be covered by ACC. It is a very affordable cover considering the amount of protection you receive. If you lease your premises, then your landlord will more than likely insist on you having public liability insurance.

What is covered?

  • Compensation for accidental damage to third party property
  • Compensation for personal injury or death to third parties where the ACC does not provide cover
  • Legal and defence costs

What is typically NOT covered?

  • Injury to your employees
  • Damage to your own property
  • Compensation for personal injury whereby cover is provided by the ACC
  • Known claims and circumstances

Protect your business today.

Business Insurance*

Your business assets are as critical as your customers to maintain the cash flow. That’s why Business Insurance is an important form of cover to protect your contents, stock and other assets against unexpected events, like fire, storm, earthquake (if you have taken out the earthquake option), theft and accidental damage.

Choose the cover options to suit your needs:

Property (Contents) – covers loss or damage to your contents, stock and equipment caused by fire, storm, theft and other perils. It can also cover portable equipment if you need to be mobile.

Building – if you are the owner of the building where your salon is located, protecting it against damage from disasters such as fire, flooding or storm damage is critical.

Business Interruption – while a fire or storm damage can damage your business assets or building, you may be faced with having to close your doors for days, weeks or even months to conduct repairs or re-build. Business Interruption insurance can cover the loss of income and some of the increased costs of running your business as a result of interruption caused by events covered under your policy.

Why do hairdressers need business insurance?

Business insurance is there to provide protection for hairdressers and the risks they may face daily. From salon specialists to mobile hairdressers, the types of claims you possibly face include anything from a customer injuring themselves on your business premises to the theft or damage of your expensive hair styling equipment.

These are few examples of how business insurance can help to protect your hairdressing business:

  • Claims from an annoyed client for the professional services or advice you may have provided. E.g., a hair colouring or treatment that goes horribly wrong^
  • Protection for accidental injuries or property damage caused by your business activities to a third party
  • It may also be a requirement to have certain kinds of business insurance in place as part of your rental agreement e.g., Public Liability or Glass cover.


How much does business insurance cost for hairdressers?

The hairdressing industry is varied and includes a mix of different types of hairdressing business. Like every small business, they have their own unique features and exposures to risks, so there isn’t a blanket policy that covers all hairdressers the same.

The actual cost of your business insurance policy will depend on a mix of different factors. These factors include things like the number of staff you have, where your business is located, the level of cover you take out, the type of cover you take out and your claims history.

To receive an accurate idea of how much business insurance will cost for your hairdressing business click here to get a quote or have a chat to our friendly team.

If I am a mobile hairdresser are my tools of trade still insured?

Portable Equipment cover can protect your hairdressing tools and equipment like your dryers, curlers, straighteners and other hair dressing products anywhere in New Zealand, giving you peace of mind knowing that you have protection in place.

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* This information is a general guide only and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. As with any insurance, cover will be subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy wording. The information contained on this web page is general only and should not be relied upon as advice.

^ The provision of the claim’s examples are for illustrative purposes only and should not be seen as an indication as to how any potential claim will be assessed or accepted. Cover for a claim will depend on the specific circumstances around the loss and would be subject to the terms and conditions of the policy concerned.

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