How to Market Your Hair Salon Business

Starting a hair and beauty salon business is an in-demand profession in New Zealand. And it’s obvious to see why. Haircuts are consistently in demand and offer excellent job security – even during economic hardship. There are numerous areas to specialise in and even more techniques to learn, so you’ll never be bored.

Plus, the skills you learn are universal, so it’s easy to travel the world and work. And the fact that you meet people from all walks of life makes it a gratifying experience. But with close to 5,000 hair and beauty small businesses in New Zealand, you will need to set yourself apart if your salon is going to make it in a crowded market. This is where you’ll need to know some marketing tricks and tips to ensure customers keep sitting down in your chair.

This hair salon business guide will give you some marketing ideas that could help you grow your salon and help you be head and shoulders above the rest.


Create a buzz about your salon

Generating word of mouth should be one of your top priorities when looking to market your hair and beauty business.

This can usually begin organically among your inner circle of friends and family when you start but can quickly grow and expand once the word gets out.

The critical thing here is ensuring you have your salon services down pat. You should be seen as a hair and beauty professional by your customers and always strive for that positive impression when they leave your salon.

That means sticking to your deadlines, being thorough in your service, and always being courteous and friendly in the workplace.

Remember, every customer also has their own network of friends and family to either recommend your salon or make sure no one they know will set foot through your doors again, so be sure you try and give a positive experience to every customer.

Getting your customers to leave a review is another way to help create buzz about your business. Put yourself in your potential customer’s shoes for a second. If you search for a hair and beauty salon in your area, which would you pick: The salon with 100 5-star reviews and testimonials or the one that has no third-party endorsement?

The more buzz you create earlier on, the easier it will be to expand your client base organically.


Advertise yourself

And this is meant quite literally. What identity will your salon have in your local area? How will your customers recognise your business?

Create an exciting logo and slogan with which people can associate your salon and put it on everything. If you’ve got the budget for uniforms, coffee mugs, and even park benches, it will help get your brand out there.

Once you’ve decided on your brand identity, embrace it. Be a walking advertisement for your salon or, better yet, create a uniform so your beauticians can be too.

Advertising can be the difference between generating a sustainable set of new business leads and going out of business.

While there are many ways to cut a fringe when it comes to the age-old method of advertising, it certainly can deliver results if done with care and efficiency.


Get your salon brand online

Building an online presence is essential for nearly any modern business. The cooler younger cousin of physical advertising, while the medium may be different, the principles are the same.

Get your hair salon brand out there and connect directly with your target audience by engaging with the online space.

If you aren’t proactively working on your online network, you may lose business to other salons in your area.

The cornerstone of your business’s online presence is your business website. And don’t worry if you aren’t tech-savvy, there are plenty of experts to help you develop it.

Social media sites like Facebook or Instagram are your next port of call. These sites allow you to directly market your salon business and connect with your audience online.

If you are a confident writer or are good in front of the camera, you can create some content that will help amplify your personal and business brand image.

Email marketing is another vital asset that can help you reach past, present, and future customers.

Create a database of any customers you have reached in the past and email them with a message every couple of months to see if it’s time for a haircut. This keeps your brand current in their minds well after they’ve left the store.

You can also email new customers a message to rate their experience. This can be a great learning tool and a way to improve your processes as time passes, but be sure to offer some incentive like a chance to win a free haircut to help your client base engage.

Statistics have found email marketing can generate up to $42 for every $1 spent, making it an essential component of your marketing plan.


Get your business fundamentals sorted

While you may be ready to get out and market your business, it’s important to consider getting the fundamentals right first.

While there are no specific requirements to become a hair and beauty specialist, many in the field will have either a New Zealand Certificate in Hairdressing – Professional Stylist (Level 4) or a New Zealand Certificate in Commercial Barbering (Level 4).

This certification will give you the fundamental skills necessary to become a hair beautician. However, you may be more inclined to take a hands-off approach and let your employees do the work of providing the service while you manage things in the background.

In that case, a Certificate in Business (Small Business – Level 4) might suit you better.

It’s also a good idea to become a member of an industry association. This will keep you informed about the goings of your industry as well as give you valuable resources and support.

The New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty Professionals is the membership organisation for the beauty industry in the country and helps keep the industry at highly regulated standards.

To be considered a member of the non-profit organisation, you must hold an active Professional Indemnity insurance* policy.

Professional Indemnity cover is designed to protect your business against negligence or professional misconduct claims. It protects hair salon businesses against losses such as settlement costs, legal and defence costs, and PR costs.

Insurance for beauty salons is an essential consideration for small business owners, as it can protect you from various risks. Luckily, BizCover is the one-stop shop for providing beauty salon insurance in New Zealand. Jump online and compare quotes from some of New Zealand’s leading insurers today.

The bottom line

Starting a hair and beauty salon in New Zealand can be a fantastic move for your career. The job will allow you to learn new skills and meet a wide variety of people. Marketing your hair and beauty small business will put you on the right track to standing out from the crowd. While some may be difficult to get a handle on at first, persisting with these marketing strategies will help you set yourself up in your local area and keep you cutting for years to come.


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