How To Market Your Accounting Business Online

Most businesses have a company website; it’s all but essential in this day and age to have one. But simply having a company website isn’t enough in today’s competitive small business landscape. To make a return on your investment, your company website needs to be an effective lead generator for new business enquiries for your small accounting business.

Potential clients will scour the internet for reputable accountants who offer the services they are looking for before initiating contact. Today customers want to know every detail before they make a purchase – let alone before contacting a professional services business such as an accountant.

You have the opportunity to build a professional website to promote your accounting business, so you might as well design your new company website from the ground up to be a truly effective marketing tool and lead generator for your accounting business.

As such, you may benefit from strategically reviewing and redesigning your website so that it more closely addresses the burning questions that visitors to your site and potential customers may have, such as who you are, what your company does, what accounting services you offer, and what values your business stands for.

Your business will benefit from having a quality company website, because with all the elements in place your organic ranking can improve, meaning your website will appear higher in search engine results for “accountants”.

While you may hire a professional web developer, graphic designer, and digital marketer to build your new company website, you may also use template designs if you want to get your new website live as soon as possible.

Five ways to market your accounting business online

While marketing your accounting business online starts with having a great company website, there are many related online activities that will also help you in marketing your accounting business online.

Start blogging

Blogs are a great way to demonstrate your expertise as an accountant, which will help your business not only reach, but engage, your target audience, while also keeping your business top of mind.

Starting a blog on your company website can help you attract new clients and visitors to your professional website. To maintain interest, blog entries should be published on a regular basis – such as weekly or monthly – and should focus on the important themes and issues that reflect your accounting expertise, while also addressing the burning questions your target audience may have.

To help ensure that you keep on track with your blogs, create a blog publishing schedule using create a content calendar – and stick to it. Quality content will always be more widely read than poor content. Demonstrate your accounting expertise to your audience and your blog will engage your audience and can lead to new business enquiries.

To show readers your expertise in your field, and to convince them to hire you for their next assignment, share your knowledge.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content that will add tangible value to your target audience and ideal customers. In doing so, it will help your accounting business to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and ultimately help drive more customers to work with your accounting business.

As the owner of your own accounting practice, your content marketing may focus on topics such as tax, financial planning, financial reporting, corporate finance, and insolvency, to name a few.

Embrace social media

A social media presence can be a great way to keep in touch with potential and current customers. Make a LinkedIn profile or a Facebook business page and share industry news and updates about your accounting business. On social media your visibility will increase if you remain active on the platforms, so make time to like and comment on others’ posts and share content with your social network.

Try your hand at video content

While video content can be more time-consuming and expensive to produce, it is generally considered more engaging than static content, and can help your target audience get a better understanding of your accounting business and the services it provides.

Video can be used in various ways as part of your marketing for your accounting practice. You can create a YouTube channel, post embedded videos to your website, and answer frequently asked questions or interview people in your business. You don’t have to spend a lot to create video; you can even shoot and edit and post your videos using your smartphone.

Keep top of mind with email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to not just keep, but also grow the relationships you have with your customers and potential customers. Email marketing can be an effective way to keep in touch with your audience and let them know of any company announcements you have coming up. You can also share your content marketing activities with your audience via a weekly or monthly e-newsletter to your database.

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