Customer Spotlight: TwoBlackLabs

TwoBlackLabs create tailored services to assist clients by managing and making their business’ unique security and privacy risk needs easier. They also specialise in providing General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy related solutions.

After identifying a lack in the market for specialised privacy, GDPR and data protection services, Founder and Principal Consultant Caroline Carver established TwoBlackLabs in 2017.


We identified that organisations need help in understanding the ‘minefield’ as often the subject is seen as complex, expensive and carries no business value”.

 ‘it’s basically a cost to us’ and there for ‘tick in the box compliance’ are often statements we hear.”

Caroline is a Privacy and Security Risk professional who has over 10years experience in both the public and private sectors with previous experience which includes working for Deloitte and KPMG.

She says the key to starting your own business is to have a personal belief and passion in the services which you offer and to network with other business owners and potential customers. For TwoBlackLabs, the driving passion was to deliver services which assist customers in understanding privacy, security and data regulation, an area of business which at times can seem overwhelming by clients.

Combined with Caroline’s knowledge and a whole lot of innovation, the company now successfully provides a consultancy service to New Zealand organisations of all sizes.

 “Our goal is to work with a customer to overcome privacy and security risk challenges and to help customers implement the right solutions to match their requirements while explaining it in plain English.

And it is this personalised, down-to-earth jargon-free approach that has helped shape the success of TwoBlackLabs as demonstrated in this recent customer experience:

“A recent small business owner called me after receiving multiple questionnaires about GDPR. They didn’t know what GDPR was or what compliance involved. They did some googling about GDPR and rapidly panic set in.

I received their call asking for help. We talked about what GDPR means for companies, and I arranged to send them a GDPR Readiness questionnaire asking questions in English, rather than legalese about their business and processes/procedures they had in place.

In the end, the business owner said he felt so relieved and no longer panicked about GDPR, as he understood what he needed to do and that he was supported on his journey to compliance”.

To continually provide these standout customer experiences, Caroline believes that insuring her business is important.” I insure my business to ensure that in the event of a claim my business can continue, and my family are not impacted. Insurance allows me to meet my contractual obligations with certain customers

Find out more about TwoBlackLabs here.

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