Customer Spotlight: Scotchbox


Customer Spotlight: Scotchbox

Scotchbox is all about sampling Whisky and other spirits that aren’t easy to find, or, you perhaps wanted to try but didn’t want to buy a bottle. With Scotchbox you get to try Spirits from all over the world, and they will help you buy the ones you like the best!

Scotchbox owner and creator Gordon McBride likes to refer to himself as ‘a huge Whisky nerd’, and it is the passion for whisky and spirits that led to the creation of his specialised Whisky business.

“I love to try different whisky to help me choose which full bottle to buy. I also really like the option to try something new.

With samples, I could try lots of spirts that I wouldn’t necessarily buy on a whim, but I was curious about. Shipping from the UK is really expensive as well, so I’m doing what I can in New Zealand.”

The Scotchbox concept evolved from humble beginnings when McBride use to enjoy sitting around with a few mates, tasting different whisky varieties, into a full-time business. He says that one of the crucial things to starting your own business and getting it up and running starts with planning.

This is something which he spent months on, working out things like the value proposition that the business could offer and on vital areas like branding and growth opportunities.

“This is my very first business and it is an achievement I’m really proud of.”

Starting your own business can be at times an overwhelming life decision, and we asked McBride on what advice he would give to somebody looking to start their own business.

“Keeping good relationships with business partners, regulators is just as important as your customers. Good relationships are great ways to get into key opportunities that aren’t always open.”

And it is this good relationship between Scotchbox and their customers that has helped the business achieve the success it has, offering a unique and bespoke whisky subscription service.

The subscription lets customers subscribe to Scotchbox where they will receive 4x 30ml samples delivered straight to their door. Each month different samples are sent out, giving customers the opportunity to try a wide range of varieties from all over the world.

McBride describes writing the tasting notes and ensuring quality control of each box that is sent out as one of the best parts of the job.

“I write detailed tasting notes and/ or serving suggestions with each box. And because I want to make sure they are as accurate as possible, I taste everything. It’s a tough life, but someone has to do it!”

Having a large supply of valuable bottles has also motivated McBride to ensure that he has insurances in place to protect his Scotchbox stock.

“I chose to insure my business because I want to be protected from public liability, selling food and drink to consumers and alcohol specifically I could be responsible for issues or problems that arise because of alcohol consumption.”

Scotchbox is offering BizCover customers and friends a discount on their products. Enter BIZCOVER on the subscription page for 15% off the first subscription box. Fancy something else? Enter BIZCOVER on the store page for 15% any product from the store.

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