Customer Spotlight: Mosh


Customer Spotlight: Mosh

One of the things we’re really proud of here at BizCover is the diverse range of customers we serve. Whether it’s your local butcher shop, your favourite café or the nation’s leading social media agency, we can look after their insurance needs.

Today we’re looking at one of our most distinguished customers, Mosh.

Based in Auckland, Mosh is a specialist social media agency who work with local and international brands who want to market to New Zealanders.

The work they do for their clients involves producing content for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Additionally, they manage the feedback on those platforms, and report on the results.

The General Manager of Mosh, Jon Randles, paints a broader picture of social media than most might imagine.  He stresses that at Mosh, “we’re not just about putting ‘pretty pictures on the internet’, at Mosh we look to use the social media platforms (as that’s where people hang out) to produce actual business results for our clients.”

As for what served as a source of inspiration in starting the agency, Jon said that back in 2009 they could “see social media as this big wave coming and wanted to build a business to get in front of it.”

“We saw an opportunity for businesses and organisation to be able to talk directly to their target audience, without shouting at them, without spamming them. We wanted to help companies create conversations, not interruptions.”

For Jon, boiling down his favourite part of his job to a single thing is no easy task, there’s a lot to like.

“As the General Manager of Mosh, I enjoy the multi-faceted nature of the job. In one day, I could be conversing with clients, creating proposals for new business, motivating staff, writing copy, and eating ice-cream (when our ice-cream client delivers). It’s such a young and fast-moving industry that it’s important to be agile, and ready to learn new skills all the time. I really enjoy the challenge.”

What is the secret to keeping their clients happy and staying on board? It’s simple, says Jon.

“Our clients are with us because they like us. We don’t lock them into contracts – they stay as long as they like the service they receive, the results they get, and for the amount of work we take off their shoulders! “

“We’ve had a saying at Mosh since 2009: ‘Social Media is easy until you do it properly’ and it’s so true. It’s a beast, and we’ve built a team to take a lot of the hassle away from our clients.”


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“You talkin’ to me?” When your restaurant client invites you out to do a location shoot. What’s a man to do?

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Just one of many examples of Mosh enhancing the digital brand presence of their clients is a campaign they undertook for a local university.

They were approached by the University of Canterbury New Zealand (UCNZ) to find a way to stay engaged with their current student body of around 14,000 students, while also reaching out to prospective students – with the goal of continuing to expanding their diverse student population.

UCNZ wanted to flip the traditional social media approach on its head and attract potential students by having current students tell authentic stories. The aim here was to increase overall engagement and support for the UCNZ brand.

Mosh also saw the opportunity to use the campaign launch a brand-new platform for UCNZ, in Snapchat.

“While UCNZ has an established Facebook Page and Instagram Account, we felt Snapchat was the go-to platform due to the popularity it holds within the target audience, plus the short duration of the campaign.”

In order to entice students to get involved, prize incentives were offered to those who submitted unique and authentic content that showcased three different aspects of student life.

The first to be showcased in the campaign was Orientation Week. Students were asked to send snaps of their favourite O-Week activities leading up to the start of the semester. The second was the ‘show us your crib’ campaign, here students were asked to send snaps of their flats and dorms. The third revolved around the campus and celebrated Mardi Gras, where students sent snaps of their best Mardi Gras moments.

In just 10 days the UCNZ Snapchat community grew by 697 followers and received 269 snaps.

“We reached over 11,000 students and had over 40,000 story views – all centred around the UCNZ brand, but using student-generated, 100% authentic content,” Jon explains.

All in all, another successful campaign for the social media agency.

For those looking to start their own business, Jon was kind enough to impart this wisdom:

“My advice would be to pick a niche and be amazing at it (e.g. starting a social media agency rather than a full marketing agency).”

He warned however that, “you need to ensure there’s a market for it or that the trend is such that there will be. When I started Mosh, I still had to keep my full-time job for 3 years as the market hadn’t caught up to the trend in New Zealand. We could see it coming but it took a lot of perseverance, trust and a hell of a lot of hope that social media was a bet worth sticking with.”

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