A Guide to Going Green This World Environment Day 


A Guide to Going Green This World Environment Day 

This June marks 45 years since the United Nations launched World Environment Day, an initiative raising much-needed awareness of environmental issues across the globe. It’s a great opportunity to reflect on how your business impacts on the environment and what can you can do to improve your environmental footprint. 

Start making a difference today with our guide of action items to help your business go green! 

Re-use and Recycle

  • Make an effort to purchase recycled paper and stationery 
  • Refill printer cartridges instead of purchasing a new printer every time they run out of ink. 
  • Re-use old envelopes 
  • Have recycling bins within your workplace and educate your employees on where they can be found and what items can be recycled 

To find out more about what your business can do to improve its recycling efforts check out recycle.co.nz for more details. 

Make the switch

  • Get into the habit of turning off electrical devices when not needed 
  • Set computer screens to sleep mode when not being used 
  • Install energy efficient lightbulbs 

For assistance on implementing an energy saving plan in your workplace visit the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority 

Go Online

  • Start archiving your files online instead of printing them out Dropbox and Google Docs are two of the most popular online file management systems and offer both free and paid plans.  
  • Use social media and emails to market your business instead of printing ibrochures 
  • Encourage your staff to work from home/ telecommute. With the help of cloud technology, files can be accessed remotely and meetings can be held via video conference, reducing commuter traffic which assists with lowering pollution levels.  

Knowledge is power

  • Educate your staff about recycling and environmental policies within your workplace. This could be as simple as advising your staff where the recycling facilities in your business are located. 
  • Subscribe to environmental organisation emails to stay in the loop and learn more about how your business can implement new strategies to stay environmentally friendly 

Stay local and sustainable

  • Purchasing local products and services not only helps to lower emission levels by cutting down transport distances, but it’s also a great way to economically support other businesses within your community. 

Environmental Choice New Zealand provides a list of leading New Zealand businesses which offer environmentally friendly and sustainable products. You may also want to join the Sustainable Business Network to connect with other sustainable businesses and get advice from industry leaders to make your business greener. 

Get Advice

  • Your business can always be doing more to expand their environmental efforts. Start by getting in touch with an environmental consultant to assess your business and introduce a plan on how to create a greener workplace.  

Plant a tree

  • Trees are a vital part of our ecosystem and bring a range of benefits like improved air quality. Why not host a plant a tree day at your business involving your staff to plant a tree or shrub? 

Creating a greener and more environmentally friendly business can be achievableno matter how big or smallby implementing a few simple change... Visit World Environment Day to find out more about what is being done to reduce waste and get all the latest on global environment news.  While you are protecting the Earth make sure you also protect your business with an insurance package

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