6 Ways your small business can benefit with online marketing 

Whether you’re serving the best coffees in town or have the gift of the gab when it comes to selling houses, regardless of the kind of business you run there is a high probability it has some kind of presence online. One of the amazing things about the online marketplace is that it offers endless opportunities to all kinds of businesses to really put your brand out and get noticed by new and existing customers. 

With more and more businesses relying on the online sphere to help promote their brand, why not become part of the action by looking at how online marketing can give your business the boost it deserves.  

Let’s get started with 6 clever ways that online marketing can start benefiting your business. 

The wonderful world of social media  

Social media is a powerful tool when you’re really wanting to connect within the online marketplace. It’s a flexible channel, meaning there are so many opportunities for all types of businesses to get their brand known. Through things like allowing customers to book in appointments to sharing reviews, customers can interact directly with your business like never before. 

It also allows you to get creative by using all the different types of mediums out there like videos, photos and polls to bring your digital marketing campaigns to life.  

Instant insights 

When your audiences are interacting with you online, you have greater access to insights into the type of customers that are attracted to your business. Platforms like Google Analytics make it easy to get data on things like the type of key words people are searching to find your business, their purchase habits and time of day they are on your website.  

You can use these insights to create personalised and targeted campaigns that are going to reach potential customers, connecting them with your brand in an instant. 


Create quicker campaigns  

In comparison to traditional forms of marketing campaigns like printed adverts and radio, online marketing is agile through all stages of the process. This is a massive benefit when it comes to the fast and ever changing world we live in, meaning you can promptly change your campaigns as required.  

Another bonus is being able to look over the campaign data and analyse what’s working and what needs to be improved instantly. This can help when it comes to things like looking at your marketing budget and which campaigns you want to put some money behind.  


Time to get personal  

A massive benefit of online marketing is that it allows you to really personalise your customer communications. Accessing those online campaign details, gives you an opportunity to drill down on the data to create messages with meaning and purpose to drive your business. 

Creating tailored messages means you can address the various segments of your customer database, providing direct messages to fit their buying needs. These targeted messages can be used in things like email and social media campaigns for example. 

Get to know SEO 

The term SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a cost-friendly online marketing strategy that involves tactics to assist with getting your brand noticed when potential customers are searching for a particular product or service. 

Key benefits of SEO marketing include: 

  • It is one of the affordable forms of marketing 
  • Can help grow your business over a long span of time 
  • The higher your page ranks, the more visibility your page receives 
  • Researching and working with key words and trends is free! 
  • Promotional can always be targeted towards a particular section of your audience 
  • You can increase or decrease your budget as required 


It’s easy to share 

Online marketing is instant and readily accessible, making it easy for your audiences to share your content. Most digital platforms offer a share button which boosts the reach of your online marketing presence . Things like stories on Instagram, TikTok and newsletters are often forwarded on by customers to others that they think might be interested in the content in the click of a button.  


Operating a small business is a juggling act of many elements, and online marketing is just one of the things you need to manage. So, when it comes to understanding your insurance needs, it’s something we like to do hassle-free here at BizCover. We know you have plenty to think about, so when it comes to business insurance leave the shopping around to us. 

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