6 ways your business can go paperless

It’s no secret that businesses are adopting more sustainable solutions to operate their business, especially when it comes to using the wonders of digital technologies within the workplace.  

With the start of a new year, what better time than the present is there for your business to take the plunge and go paperless. From clouds to e-signatures, here’s 6 top tips that can help any business in their mission to cut the paper.

Get your head in the cloud 

When it comes to cloudbased technologies there’s an endless array of programs to choose from to suit your business and its needs, and no we’re not talking about weather app! Cloudbased technologies are online programs created for storing and accessing data and programs over the internet, replacing the need to save them on your computer hard-drive. 

Cloudbased applications make the process of sharing files with your employees and clients a seamless process, eliminating the need for hard-copy printed versions or worrying about files being in a compatible format. The instant nature of the internet means communication times are faster than ever, improving processing times for businesses and the capacity for employees to work remotely.  

Time to say goodbye to snail mail and fax machines folks. 

Some of the most popular cloud-based applications used by businesses include: 

  • Dropbox: a sharing and storage solution for business with free and paid plans available to suit businesses and their cloud storage requirements 
  • G Suite: the G Suite is Google’s business version of Google Drive. It allows businesses to connect, control, access and create through suite cloud-based programs like shared calendars and spreadsheets that allow for realtime comments among approved users. 

Don’t give a sheet 

For your next meeting why not bring a laptop or use the whiteboard instead of a notebookCapturing your brainstorming ideas from the board is easy, just take a photo with your smartphone and share it among your team. With a little help from Cloud-based programs, meetings can be made paperless. Presentations can be done via slide shows and supporting handout documents emailed to the participants.  

A system you can bank on 

Banking is an essential part of being a business and it’s a task that can easily be transformed into a paperless one. Instead of printing off bills, receipts and statements choose to do your banking online.  

Most financial institutions offer the ability to set up reminders for bills that can be all paid online, saving you time and the hassle of having to queue up at the branch and fill out forms.  

Important financial statements and documents can also be exported, saved and integratedto yes, you guessed it, cloud-based applications. 

Paperless proof of purchases 

If your business provides receipts to customers, this is another area of the business that can easily become paperless by introducing digital receipts. Not only will it help cut paper and printing costs, but digital receipts will last longer too. Sending and storing them digitally means they won’t fade, get misplaced or accidentally encounter a tumble through the washing machine

A sign of the times 

Gone are the traditional days of pen to paper signatures! More businesses are opting for a digital method with programs like DocuSign that allow for documents like contracts to be securely signed for online with an e-signature. 

This online process helps cut down the time involved with posting out documents and waiting for them to be signed and returned. This technology allows businesses to track when the documents are accessed using advanced security measuresrestricting who can access the documents. It can be integrated with cloud-based programs like DropBox, G Suite etc. 

Starting the paperless journey 

Like most things involving change, the path to going paperless can be a tricky one.  Make a start by researching what applications and processes will help your business to become paperlessIt’s important to always keep your employees, clients and suppliers in the loop by communicating any changes that may impact the way you do business with them. Have you looked into paperless insurance? Get quick online business insurance quotes sent straight to your inbox.

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