We really recommend getting your PI and PL insurance from this site. We are a small company, we do a lot of work for various Victorian State Government departments and PI insurance, or specifically the cost of the coverage (not to mention the crazy insurance company questions) has previously been prohibitive and a major headache over the past five years. Then I found this site! Like a frigging oasis in the desert! It is seriously easy to do and really really good pricing. It literally solved a major problem for me in a really short time as I have a contract sitting in front of me that I could not sign until I sorted this out.



Professional Indemnity

Protects professional service providers against financial loss for claims arising from negligent acts, errors or omissions  involving a breach of professional duty. Click here to learn more.

Public Liability

Protects  businesses against damages arising from a claim for third party property damage that occurs as a result of business related activities, either at the workplace or at another location. Click here to learn more.

Other Insurance

We offer a range of other insurances to help protect your business, including Cyber Liability, Employers Liability, and Statutory Liability. Click here to get quotes.